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It’s the start of a new year, and a new decade. So much in the world of interiors and style has changed in the past 10 years. Live, Laugh, Love wall stickers were everywhere in the early 10s (let’s not bring them back). And who would have thought that dark colours and crazy wallpaper would be such a huge trend moving into the new decade?! 2020 is the year of the new, so what should we expect to see this year?  
  1. Blue is the new grey

I think its fair to say that since 2015 every home in Britain would have at least one room painted in grey, and why not?! It’s an easy and versatile colour that is easy to style and with so many different hues there was something for everyone. But the trusty colour has a new competitor: blue! A huge array of different blue hues seeping is slowly but surely way into homes everywhere, and for good reason, too. This could be through paint, wallpaper, furniture, curtains, flooring or artwork, and we love it!        
  1. Shopping responsibly

Fast fashion has been a huge and controversial topic over the past year. It only seems logical that this movement and awareness has moved onto what we buy for our home too. Discount shops offer ‘fast furniture’ meaning that many people can pick up items at the fraction of the price. The real cost however is the sustainability and the fairness in which these products are made. In response to this a growing number of sustainable buyers are looking elsewhere for their home-ware.   A great way to reduce waste is to up-cycle old furniture. Many places like here at Desser offer a re-upholstery service. Take a look at that old chair you thought about chucking out, maybe a bit of TLC and a nice new fabric would make you fall in love with it again.   You can also buy items cheaply online and do a bit of DYI. Sometimes all it needs is sanding down and a lick of paint finished off by some swanky new handles. And the best bit, up-cycling or reupholstering means that you have a one-off item, that none of your friends will have!    
  1. Wicker – but not as you know it

2019 saw a huge spike in people falling back in love with wicker furniture. Get the idea out of your head that wicker is just old style conservatory furniture. With all new style’s wicker is coming back and we love it. Not only does it look amazing, but it’s sustainable too. It’s the perfect addition to any home, as the versatility means you can dress it up how you want, and it will look great in any setting. Just like fashion, style comes back around!  
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Anyone who has a deck area in their garden will know how much it gets put to use in the summertime. Whether the decking space is what makes up the entirety of your garden or it’s a small element before you reach the rest of the grass, there’s plenty you can do to make it the hub of your home when the sun is shining. Here’s how to decorate a small deck: Continue Reading
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Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or you just want to gather your friends around the table for a great night, throwing a dinner party is a wonderful treat for everyone. Friends, drink, delicious food and good conversation are the keys to a successful dinner party.  Continue Reading
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There are many benefits of welcoming insects and wildlife into your garden. Not only do they help pollinate the area, but they also add life to your outdoor space. However, your love for insects may be limited if you find they frequently ruin your beautiful flowerbeds by eating their way through your plants. You’ll be pleased to learn that you don’t need to resort to all kinds of chemicals to help keep the bugs at bay, there’s a more natural way to combat the issue – bug deterrent plants.  Continue Reading
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