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Conservatories over the last decade faced a bad rap. Seen as more of an addition for the old fashioned, the nation fell out of love with the additional room. However, this is no longer the case! Today, there is so much more to a conservatory than ever before. With advancements in designs, they now are a much sharper and modern addition to your home. With smarter use of space, the contemporary conservatory challenges past preconceptions and ultimately adds a special something to your property. Continue Reading

Our conservatories and orangeries quickly become the pride and joys in our homes but finding the right interior for this additional room can be tasking! Granted, the design will ultimately depend on the rooms function (second living room, kitchen etc.) but it more importantly, needs to gel with the rest of your house otherwise it will look odd and out of place. So, to give you a helping hand we’ve listed some ways to design your rear room so it capitalises on the sunlight and is welcoming for all of your visitors! Continue Reading

A conservatory is an ideal spot to get inventive with in your home. It can be that amazing retreat you need to get away from the hectic happenings of the house and enjoy some quiet time to yourself. Taking advantage of your spacious, stylishly designed conservatory will put you in the relaxed and great mood you need. Continue Reading

Let’s be honest. Fashions come and go, but your home will always be the one consistent point in your life. Familiar, comfortable, and effortlessly stylish: your home should be a sanctuary. So why should you care if your home, or conservatory, is fashionable or not? Whether you update your home regularly, or just fancy a change, it’s always a great idea to do your research and find out which styles and trends suit you. Fashion doesn’t just need to be beautiful. It can be interesting, thought-provoking, and (dare I say it) functional. If the thought of rummaging through endless ‘home interior’ magazines gives you the shivers, we are here to help. Here is a brief overview of the latest interior trends for S/S 2014. With our know-how and a little imagination, you can create something in your home that’s fashionable and practical. (And, we promise; there will be no inflatable furniture or stuffed exotic animals.) Continue Reading