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In 2016, rattan furniture reached its fashionable height, with retailers and interior and exterior lifestyle websites flocking to show off the latest ranges that echo those 50s & 60s styles. It was the year that was deemed the rattan renaissance, with this tough and versatile material making its full comeback with one dominant swoop. Rattan traditionally was imported from British colonies in the Far East during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Typically used in conservatories and back rooms as decorative additional side chairs or even an occasional table. Despite, how adored it was in its early days, it was clear that it wouldn’t last long if it was subjected to unpleasant conditions. This is why, in the last decade, outdoor garden furniture manufacturers looked began to weave garden suites and chairs in synthetic fibres as opposed to using just wood. By doing this, the furniture then would still offer that high level of comfort but could now stand the trials and tribulations of the outdoors. As we’ve discussed the difference previously, you should now know that synthetic rattan is a worldwide best seller. Most of the modern designs echo shapes of the standard living room, modular type sofas, or rounded chairs you’d expect to see within a home. Here at Desser, we’re proud of our synthetic sets and especially our newest lines with the 2017 modular Hampton and Atlanta ranges, which have been arranged into L-Shapes already flying out of our showroom. Perfect for your patios and terraces, these good-value, high in comfort suites are ideal for that well-needed garden retreat. Hampton with tan lavastone table | Desser To get the arrangement right for your right think about the group as a collective! Position the sofas and chairs in a conversational manner all facing each other in a square. This is the ideal setup for terrace just like it is in any sitting room. Complete the look with low central table for drinks or food and if you really want to add a designer’s touch of finesse, look to incorporate some subtle lighting or a central fire pit. Minimal maintenance is really what synthetic rattan’s biggest selling point is and when a quick spray with a garden hose is all that is needed to keep most pieces clean, it’s no wonder why. Quality manufacturers will now offer cushions made from quick-dry, waterproof covers just like our Aquaclean fabrics. Most standard cushions come in browns, neutrals and off-whites to complement the rattan, although we offer more colourful, waterproof, patterns and designs that give your more freedom and choice. When it comes to picking which colour of rattan that will ideally compliment the textures and tones of your terrace, don’t rush your decision. A grey or natural weave colour works well in traditional gardens and looks good on a wooden deck or York stone/chipped granite terrace. If it’s a roof top garden you have, spaghetti black weaves look great on a patio of brick or terracotta tiles background.

The Tips to Follow When Choosing the Right Rattan Piece

  • Always look for a tight weave that doesn’t have any rough corners or loose strands.
  • A strong frame is essential for strength and durability – aluminium typically works best.
  • Look for weaves and suites that come with UV protection.
  • When it comes to natural-coloured rattans, look for ones that have a variegation of colour along the length of each strand. They should also come with an irregular scraped surface which will give it a lifelike, duller but more natural look opposed to a shiny plastic appearance.

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There is a common misconception that rattan and bamboo are the same thing. Though they may sometimes look the same, they’re drastically different materials with different uses and properties. So, what are the major differences? And how can you tell which of the two has been used to create your furniture? Here is a quick guide detailing the main differences between rattan and bamboo:  

How Are Rattan And Bamboo Grown?

Both rattan and bamboo grow best in tropical areas. Rattan is a vine-like plant which requires support from other sources when growing, as it cannot stand on its own. This means that rattan must be grown around other trees, from the forest floor upwards. It’s typically harvested by farmers when it’s 5-7 years old, but this does depend on the species. Bamboo plants are much stouter and can be grown independently. Both species grow very quickly, sometimes up to six metres per year! This rapid growth makes either species an extremely attractive crop choice for farmers in developing countries, as multiple harvests can be grown per year.   bamboo grown in forest showing the different between rattan and bamboo  

What Is The Difference Between Rattan And Bamboo Physical Characteristics?

The main physical difference between the two is that bamboo is hollow; rattan is not. Because bamboo is hollow, it is inflexible, so any bending would immediately cause it to snap. Similarly, where bamboo is very hard, rattan is much more durable and flexible. This is what makes it a popular choice of material when manufacturing outdoor furniture, as it can be bent and curved into the desired shape. Lastly, when bamboo grows, it is always uniform in thickness, no matter how tall the plant becomes. Rattan, however, becomes thicker as it grows.  

Currently, 650 separate species of rattan have been identified; there are over 5,000 known bamboo varieties!



Amongst many other things, bamboo and rattan are both used to create furniture and other products – such as wicker baskets and bathroom furniture. Although superficially they look similar, their physical properties determine the type of designs they can be used to create. As previously stated, Rattan is flexible when processed allowing it to be woven into intricate designs and patterns. Bamboo, on the other hand, is rigid. As a result, bamboo furniture is often more simplistic in design as the stems must be arranged parallel to each other. Often, both are used to create one furniture piece, with the main body made from bamboo and bindings created using flexible rattan. Not only does this ensure the durability of the product, but also adds to the rustic look of the design.

a selection of rattan baskets


What About Wicker Furniture?

Furniture created from both bamboo and rattan is often referred to as wicker, when asking what is the difference between rattan and bamboo – this is a key part. The term wicker has nothing to do with the materials furniture is created from; it is the name given to the process of weaving materials into patterns. In this sense, a lot of furniture is created with a mixture of rattan and bamboo. Because of the nature of the furniture, it’s popular for use as garden furniture, though many people also like to use it in their conservatory and other rooms in their homes. Craftsmanship in the industry has evolved over time, and as we move into 2019, designers are now able to create wonderful, detailed designs that stand out in any setting.   conservatory with contemporary rattan furniture Here at Desser, we pride ourselves on our contemporary wicker creation and we welcome you to take a look at our ranges to see just how beautiful they are. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and contact us via our quick enquiry form or call on 0161 834 1795.