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Sustainability & Environment

Sustainable Indoor Natural Rattan Furniture

To produce our natural rattan furniture, we work with partners that promote Fair Trade ethics, meaning that rattan farmers are always paid a fair wage for their work. Our strict rattan sourcing policies ensure that farmers and factories in some of the world’s poorest countries are supported.

We source lots of our rattan for our sustainable furniture from Indonesia, the world’s largest supplier. In fact, the rattan produces in Indonesia accounts for over 70% of all trade for the material.

We’ve got excellent relationships with our suppliers, working closely with them to ensure that the local communities are protected.

Rattan is one of the most sustainable materials in furniture manufacturing, compared to wood alternatives which take up to 30 years to grow.

Rattan grows in forests and likes to creep up other trees in order to reach the light. It is ecologically important and grows up to six metres a year in areas that cannot support other land products – such as those remaining in floodwaters for long periods of time.

As a climbing palm, rattan can only grow amongst existing trees such as fruit orchards and rubber estates, so farming of rattan encourages the preservation of forests in its nature as a companion crop.

Various communities across Indonesia are supported through growing rattan, meaning it has a strong social significance.

Communities and the people within it are provided with a regular income, giving back to the local economy.

The industry is labour-intensive, so providing workers with good working conditions and fair pay is something extremely important to us here at Desser.

Know that when you choose Desser for your sustainable indoor furniture, you’re also helping the environment and local communities in Indonesia. Our luxury natural rattan furniture is handcrafted, ensuring you’re always receiving the highest quality products.

If you’d like to learn more about the environmental impact of rattan or to find out more about sustainable garden furniture, get in touch today.