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Rattan Chairs

Choose from our wide range of rattan chairs, beautifully hand-crafted, making each piece of furniture unique. Our indoor wicker chair and cane chair selection come in a variety of heights, colours, shapes, and sizer, some of which contain a specialist hand-sewn cushion made here at Desser.

About our Wicker Chairs

Available in a fantastic range of different colours, shapes, and sizes, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the perfect piece to suit your home. From intricate woven cane designs to specially handcrafted woven rattan, each chair is sustainably farmed and some come with a plush hand-stitched cushion for added comfort.

We also sell luxury scatter cushions, available in a range of different colours and patterns to match your furniture! Click here to see what scatter cushions we have available.

Our simple “Conservatory Furniture Buying Guide” will help you learn more about our environmentally friendly conservatory furniture. We can demonstrate how to choose the best fabric for your furniture, show you our ranges for various spaces, and let you explore our numerous collections! To learn more about our conservatory furniture and how it can bring you a lifetime of happiness, click here.