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Cosy Conservatory In Winter Your living rooms and spaces are really the epicentres of your home over the cold, winter months. Ideal for a warm, comfy retreat, these rooms act as a welcome retreat after a long day of dealing with the unpleasant weather! To help you maximise that cosy feeling, we’ve put together these tips of features you should look to include in your home to make the most out of your space!  

Maximise That View

There’s nothing better than on a cold winters day than to be enjoying the outdoors from the comfort and more importantly warmth of your own chair. Ideal for those of you with orangery’s – position your rattan furniture arrangement next to your window or facing out of them so you can make the most of that beautiful scenery. Floor-to-ceiling windows or the now highly popular bi-folding doors are fantastic ways of maximising your view.  

Decide On Your Focal Point

The living room is the natural home for both the television and the fireplace. What is being tipped as a top interior design trend for 2017 is incorporating the two together in terms of being a focal point. This can be done by balancing the two together by placing the TV directly above the fireplace so they’re not competing as focal points. Following this, your living room arrangement cam then follow suit by logically grouping around the one focal point. This offers guest and your family to have one centred area where their eyes will naturally be drawn into.  

Get Cosy with Some New Fabrics & Textiles

A give for when its bitter outside – snuggle up by making sure you have plenty of cushions and throws to ensure your living room feels wonderfully cosy. Your furniture might be old and worn so it might be time to be updated your pieces. With a new upholstered fabric on your suite, you can match your accessories match. This also gives you a simple way of updating your space for the season at hand without having to redecorate fully.  

Create a Wonderful Window Seat

A living room is a perfect place for a window seat. It not only provides a place to sit and admire the outside view but the cushions can actually help to reduce draughts coming in through the windows. A great place to delve into a book, you can relax in comfort whilst being surrounded by the wonderful winterland outside. If you have the capability, when designing your window seat, make sure you take full advantage of the space by incorporating under-seat storage, or by adding holes for hidden a radiator.

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