Product care

With the right care and attention, your Desser suite could easily last a lifetime.

Cane furniture is durable and hardy, but you’ll need to keep it in good condition if it’s to stay looking good as new.

Here are a few hints and tips you may wish to follow:

What is my Desser suite made of?

Before you undertake any cleaning jobs, it’s important you understand what your suite is made of so that you can clean it properly. Our suites include the following materials:

  • Pirelli Webbing

One of the best webbing supports, Pirelli webbing is used on all of our sofas and chairs to ensure the frames are sturdy and strong.

  • Dacon Wrap

All Desser cushions for 2013 are encapsulated with Dracon wrap, which helps to provide long-lasting shape and comfort to cushions for years to come.

This kind of wrapping material can also reduce the risk of mould, mildew and parasitic life in your suite.

Where to keep your Desser suite

  • Wicker furniture is best kept out of direct sunlight, as this will help to keep the cane in the best of condition.

  • It can be kept in conservatories, as long as the furniture is moved around the room every few months to reduce sun exposure.

  • Rotate your suite’s cushions regularly to reduce exposure.

How to clean your Desser furniture

  • Use a soft, damp cloth and a dry paintbrush to remove dust and debris from between the wickerwork every month.

  • You can also use a vacuum with a small brush attachment for this job.

  • Spray wicker with furniture polish once in awhile. However, never use benzene, thinners, abrasive creams or other harmful chemicals on wicker.

  • Wipe away stains on pillows with a cloth sprayed with soapy water, or a dry-cleaning fabric spray.

To find out more, simply contact Desser today.