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Interior Design Trends for Autumn/Winter 2022

rattan wood bookshelf
Manhattan Rattan Bookshelf

1. Use more natural materials

Using more natural materials in your home is not only the next biggest trend for interior design, but it is also incredibly nurturing and helpful for your mental and physical wellbeing.  

For example, rattan furniture is not only eco-friendly, but it also does not emit any dangerous pollutants even after extended use. This will calm your mind, particularly if your furniture will be enjoyed by young children, elderly people, and pets.  

Using more natural materials in the home can allow for a more tranquil environment, creating a calm and energising space for you and your family. Not only does the use of natural materials in our homes, like rattan and wicker, affect our wellbeing and happiness, they are also intrinsically more aesthetically pleasing than manufactured materials. 

Bring a warm and inviting feel to your home this season with the use of wood, stone, and linen to create a space full of textures and wholesome tranquillity. 

2. Natural earthy colours are in

Chocolate brown is back, baby! Warm earthy tones and deep neutral elegance are an embracing trend we’ve noticed coming back into the forefront of interior design this season. More people are opting for a warm and welcoming aesthetic to their rooms, and who wouldn’t want their home to feel like a warm hug at the end of a long day?  

The use of brown shades mixed with many more earthy tones like terracotta and mustard are giving us 70s vibes, famous for their use of burnt tones, particularly in interiors. A more decadent monochromatic approach to the stark white minimalist trend we’ve previously seen, we can expect to see the colour brown make its way from flooring and furniture to accessories, upholstery, walls and soft furnishings. 

Paired with large potted house plants, this season’s colour palette sees us being drawn closer to nature, and what can we expect after our period of isolation. Our desires to feel uplifted and energised in our homes is something to be celebrated since we spend so much of our time there. The shade of brown also goes hand in hand with using more natural and sustainable materials in the home such as leather, rattan, stone and linens. 

natural colour palette wicker
Natural Porto Rattan Occasional Chair
porto dining chair
Porto Rattan Dining Chair

3. Add some personality and sentimentality

Our homes should be a source of joy and we can lead that feeling using more personalised and sentimental accessories and furnishings. Searches for retro or ’90s things on Etsy have increased by more than 700% in the last three months, this can only be a sign that people are becoming nostalgic for a simpler time that makes them happy. 

Vintage items can be incredibly sentimental to us because of the memories we attach to them, but another reward from upcycling and recycling is the sustainability element. By repurposing old or damaged furniture we are reducing our carbon footprint whilst also bringing a great story and sentimentality into our homes. 

Emotional escape rooms have become increasingly popular in 2022, offering people a safe space to detach from the pressures of everyday life and meditate to find their happy. Your emotional escape room could be anything that brings you joy, like a music themed room, an art space or even a dedicated no phone zone where you could read, exercise and bring yourself back to the present. 

Decorate your home with photos of loved ones, favourite books, and fragranced candles. Bring something to the forefront of your home that means a lot to you and learn to appreciate the things you have. 2022 is the year of self-care, so why not apply it to your interiors too!