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Home Ideas: Living Rooms

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Simple forms, clean lines and uncomplicated finishes are the epitome of minimalist design, where negative space is as important as positive space. Accessories are sporadic, with a focus on sculptural pieces over decorative ornaments.  

Get the look by teaming sans colours, patterns, and textures with large roman vases and a plethora of natural light.  


Easy-living, functionality and an affection for all things natural are the key factors that outline Scandinavian design.  

With a heavy influence on the great outdoors, Scandi incorporates bright, airy spaces with wooden floors, live plants, and white-washed walls. Furniture is usually simple in design with fully upholstered sofas teamed with natural, wooden, or organic accent chairs. 

To achieve this look, keep colours neutral, using bright whites with hints of black and tan, adding chunky knitted blankets and faux fur to create a warm and inviting hygge atmosphere. 


Carefree layers of patterns, texture, and colour. Bohemian interior design is characterised by a complete lack of structure. The origin of this look is that it is relaxed and personal, as well as being centred around art, music, and literature. 

Capture bohemian vibes by layering eclectic patterns, several types of lighting, and saturated colours. Original or handmade art, flea market finds, or travel souvenirs teamed with rattan, and plush throws and cushions are a must to perfect this look.  


An elegant and timeless approach that combines both old with new, and feminine with masculine motifs, transitional design bridges the passage between traditional and contemporary interior design. This design approach retains the classic lines of traditional styles with contemporary colours, materials, and furniture. 

To get the look team a neutral colours scheme such as creams, taupes and greys with bold furnishings – classic simple lines, in plush velvet materials, keeping accessories to a minimum.  


Simplicity, comfort, and self-reliance are the primary principles that forms the framework for Cottagecore life and design. This romantic, countryside style calls for cosy spaces with rustic touches and chintzy patterns such as florals and tartan.  

Get the look with botanical prints, real plants, wicker baskets and vintage furniture.  


Today’s contemporary living room is comfortable and welcoming without being dark and cluttered, this design trend is defined by subtle sophistication, deliberate use of texture and modern silhouettes.  

To get the look choose uncomplicated furniture with luxurious finishes focusing on colour, space, and shape. Keep tones neutral, black, and white with the option of adding bold shades with your accessories.  

British Colonial 

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In this room: Natural Royal Side Table 

Entrenched in classical design principles, the British colonial look fuses the formal elements of the Victorian era with tropical touches from distant lands as the British empire expanded in colonial times.  

Give your living room a British colonial feel by teaming rich Victorian shades with rattan furniture, adventurous coastal or exotic prints and plenty of greenery.  

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