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4 Top Tips to Create a Hygge Home

Natural Rattan Porto Occasional Chair

Hygge – pronounced hoo-ga is a Danish life-style concept, creating joy, well-being and cosiness in every aspect of life. It is a state of mind to be present in your environment, using your home to reflect that life is filled with family, friends and nostalgia. The idea of Hygge is to create a home that is full of love, cheerfulness and most importantly comfort. 

In this blog we look at the four top tips to create a Hygge home. 

1. Choose a Natural Colour Scheme 

Too much colour can become distracting, evoking unsettling sensations for mind and body. Sticking to a neutral colour scheme will create a unified and balanced feel throughout the house. Natural furniture is also a great way to bring a Nordic touch to your interior, adding warm tones to your home. 

2. Less is More 

Rattan furniture can be both subtle and functional and will bring nature into your home. The Hygge trend is dominated by white or neutral walls when used throughout the house can produce a calm and tranquil atmosphere. Accessorise with your favourite books, candles, or a simple vase. 

3. Add Cosy Blankets and Cushions 

To encompass the true meaning of Hygge you will need to invest in an abundance of cosy blankets and cushions, these can be added to any space to create comfort. Soft textures like cashmere will allow you to indulge your senses. 

Styling tip: Change up your throws depending on the season. During spring/summer go for linen blankets and in the autumn/winter chunky knitted blankets are perfect for cuddling up on the sofa. 

4. Nostalgic Memories 

Bring in your own personal touches. This design trend does not need to be perfect, add in your own trinkets, photographs, and keepsakes that make you feel happy.  

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