7 reasons why rattan conservatory furniture is the best choice this season

Choosing the perfect furniture to furnish a conservatory can be a tough task. White rattan furniture in conservatory There’s so many different items to choose from, and people can spend a significant amount of time pondering their options. However, an incredibly popular choice is rattan due to a number of positives it has, including versatility and maintenance. This blog will look at seven reasons why you should consider this furniture type for your conservatory.


Rattan is incredibly lightweight, which serves as a bonus in multiple ways, the main benefit being that it is easily interchangeable. As a conservatory is the gateway between the home and garden, on particularly nice days it’s possible to move the furniture outside to enjoy the sun. If it starts to rain, in a few seconds your seat can be moved back under cover.

Easy To Maintain

A conservatory can often be a very popular room within a home, especially during the summer months when people will be moving to and from the garden. When going from an outside area, dirt and other problems can make their way into the home. Whilst carpets have a number of products to clean up this type of stain, with furniture it can often be more complicated. Rattan has the major advantage of being easy to maintain. If a stain needs to be removed, warm water and a sponge does the job in seconds. The cushions can be washed to be kept fresh, and it’s hard to cause permanent damage due to rattan’s resilient nature. In the case that you’re looking for furniture that needs the least attention, this is the number one choice.

Versatility In Range

Possibly one of the most prominent advantages of rattan furniture is how versatile it is. During the manufacturing stage it can be crafted into a variety of furniture pieces in different styles, ranging from sofas, chairs, coffee tables, lamp tables and even a footstool. This gives you plenty of items to choose from which would fit perfectly into any conservatory. Depending on the furniture range you opt for, there may be a variety of finishes to choose from. Colour coordination within a space is key to convey a particular look and feel. There’s also a number of fabric options, giving you the highest level of customisation possible. Rattan furniture in garden

Sun Resistance

Something that can worry conservatory owners is sun damage. There are very few things worse than buying a beautiful furniture item just for the colour to fade due to sun exposure. Joints can start to swell, with cracks forming that aren’t easily fixed. Rattan is a wonder material, not having to suffer from any of these problems. It doesn’t lose its colour, and there aren’t any joints that crumple in the same way. The natural fibre is woven around a frame, so the sun isn’t able to directly make an impact. For those that want items that last a long amount of time, this should be your choice.


A popular furniture material is wood, but this has its own disadvantages. Wooden furniture can cost a lot of money to purchase and maintain. Rattan, however, is an affordable material and has a longer lifespan. This doesn’t mean you’re receiving a lesser product, the main reason there is such a large price difference is due to how fast rattan grows and can be harvested. There’s no need to purchase any oils or liquids to maintain its high quality either. Not having to spend money on these items allows you to have that extra bit of cash whilst still having a long-lasting, comfortable piece of furniture. It’s for all of these reasons that rattan has quickly become one of the biggest competitors with traditional furniture materials, including leather and wood.


We live in a time where being sustainable is a necessity. As a matter of fact, more and more people are shying away from materials that aren’t good for the environment, believing they are unfashionable and unethical. On the other hand, Rattan is one of the most environmentally friendly materials you could utilise for a piece of furniture. It comes from a reed that is harvested easily, and regrows at a fast pace. There aren’t any complicated measures that need to be taken when it comes to harvesting, and without adding any harmful toxins or anything similar, it will still stay durable. You can rest assured that you’ve done your bit for the environment by picking a furniture like this.

Rattan, The Perfect Conservatory Feature

After highlighting the pros of this type of furniture, it’s easy to see why it is a perfect addition to any conservatory. Desser are a rattan and wicker furniture retailer that are proud to help people own their ideal item. We have been around since 1919, and still continue to work hard and leave our customers feeling satisfied with a top quality service for every person. What do you think of this blog? Do you know of any other rattan furniture benefits? Let us know in the comment section below, or on Twitter: Dessercane