Winning Ideas for Your Patio

With the sun finally making a very well received appearance, summer really is just around the corner, and that means a whole lot more time spent outside.There is just something so exciting about dining or drinking your favourite tipple out in the open air; with this in mind now is the perfect time to start prepping your garden for the summer months ahead, and get it looking sun ready!   Big, small, no matter what size space you’ve got to play with, there is something out there for everyone. So take a look below, get inspired, and start showing your garden the TLC it deserves!   Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall Who Is The Fairest Of Them All?   You! …..   Prepare your garden to become the fairest of them all,   Mirroring your outside space to that of your interior can work seamlessly, creating a sophisticated, effortless look. Whilst this might not work for a quaint countryside cottage, it really does on a more contemporary, opulent designed house.   The Bliss Lounge Range would be perfect. Its elegant, gorgeous butter soft cream leather, paired with perfectly crafted rattan, just exudes class. Its weather-proof too, perfect for those typical, unsuspected rain showers the British summertime is renowned for. It would look equally good indoors however, adding a touch of chic to any living room. Desser Bliss Lounge Outdoor Range You should approach mirroring your outdoor space as you would any room in your home; thinking about the flow of traffic, and the way in which you wish to use the space. Design, like in any room is important, highlighting features of interest, colourings and only using top quality furniture to really give your open space that luxurious feel, without compromising on comfort. The Bliss Lounge Range is available in Brown or Natural finish as a 5 piece set, including: 2 seater sofa, 2 armchairs, side table and a stylish coffee table with removable glass that can double up as a footstool.   Size Isn’t Everything   (Trust us)     Whatever size you’re working with, sprucing up your outdoor space is still easily achievable   Whether you’re an inner city dweller with restricted space and access, or you share your outdoor space. Kitting out the area you do have with great furniture and a few decorative flourishings can change everything. Desser Outdoor Furniture Boston Range Meet the Boston Outdoor Range, your new (small) best friend. Compact yet stylish, because size shouldn’t impact on style, this adorable 5 piece is perfect for limited spaces. It can be stored away neatly in corners, and the stools handily tuck under the tables, providing easy storage. Complete with 4 stools it’s big enough to entertain those that mean most to you, meaning you can still enjoy your outdoor space, no matter what your size.   Go Classic   Sometimes sticking to what we know is just for the best.   A chic, classic style of garden furniture can completely refresh an outdoor space. Choosing a timeless piece lets the furniture do all the talking, with the beauty lying in the simplicity of it all. Desser's Atlanta range with woven top table combo The Atlanta Range is just this. Sure to add the ‘wow’ factor to your patio with just one 5 piece set, it’s stylish yet practical. Particularly useful for those with large families, or who like to entertain a lot, it’s spacious with interchangeable features, suited to your preferences and lifestyle. From the bench that would be perfect for little arms and legs to rest on; or the choice of wooden or glass table area, creating your ideal garden space has never been so easy, minimal effort, for maximum rewards. What’s not to like?   Go Round   All too often people stick within the strictly square box when it comes to garden furniture.   Tables majority of the time tend to hang around long after we do, (excuse the sinister turn) but sometimes we stick with our furniture because we’re afraid to take the plunge, or ‘there isn’t anything wrong with it’ – and that’s exactly the point, what is right with it? Your furniture might not work with your current surroundings, and furniture is key to the design of a space, particularly outdoors.   If conversation is an art shouldn’t we encourage it? Round tables do just this, whilst also ensuring everyone can hear and see each other clearly, what’s not to love? Desser's 3 piece Olympia range on a garden patio The Olympia range does all this, but with a modern twist. The stylish slightly off round, slightly triangular point feature allows for maximum interaction without compromising on style. A round table offers a large amount of visual space, enhancing your outdoor area and allowing the table to take centre stage. The glass feature on this particular set emphasises this even more, really opening up the space. This set works best on spacious, clean cut outdoor spaces giving off minimalistic vibes without negotiating on style, socialising, and comfort.