Why It’s Time to Reconsider a Conservatory

Conservatories over the last decade faced a bad rap. Seen as more of an addition for the old fashioned, the nation fell out of love with the additional room. However, this is no longer the case! Today, there is so much more to a conservatory than ever before. With advancements in designs, they now are a much sharper and modern addition to your home. With smarter use of space, the contemporary conservatory challenges past preconceptions and ultimately adds a special something to your property. So to give you some inspiration on why it’s time to take a fresh look at your extension, we’ve listed some different conservatory types to encourage you to add one to your home.

Diminish That Negative Perceptions 

Dining Table Set in a Glass Conservatory These days, conservatories are much more like glass houses. The old-fashioned ideal of a conservatory is to create an indoor space that feel like your outside. Traditionally, the easiest way to achieve this is to have an all glazed extension, that including both the walls and also the roof. This effect gives a feeling of attaching a modern glass box to your home. If you introduced a stylishly, flush door and simplistic flooring along with a sleek rattan furniture set that is built to handle the constant sun, it really brings this space together. Ideal for gaining that sun exposure you’re seeking, it’s an on-trend, 2016 way of achieving a cool, up to date conservatory.

Consider an Orangery 

As we’ve mentioned in the past, why not consider an orangery? Back in this year with a bang, you can use an orangery as a new dining room, a secondary living room or a space to add a larger kitchen. What we love about these structures is that the several traditional and well-balanced divisions offer a play of light and shadows on the double-glazed timbers doors and fixed panels. A great way to brighten up your home, an orangery is a perfect way to create a natural flow and continuation of your downstairs.

Transform the Old to New

Modern Conservatory The above image shows you how to transform a traditional conservatory design and bring it into the modern era. By simplifying the classic design, the worker has taken the typically peaked conservatory roofing and added a contemporary look to it. The weight of this glass pyramid-shaped roof is held by a corner steel frame, which allows the room to open up to impressive effect. Glass extensions like this may not be suitable for southern exposures, as they lack an easy solution for sun shades or blinds.

Make It Big and Homey

The classic conservatory has been favoured for so many years because, in reality, it works, and it works well. With big windows, doors and a roof to match, the design perfectly suits the period properties of the country. Part of the charm of a colonial-style conservatory can be that it doesn’t necessarily have to match completely with your property. It helps to give you more privacy and highlights just how well the conservatory is crafted. You can allow yourself to step into a little nostalgia and celebrate this great design form for its historical value. If you need some help on how to decorate your conservatory, you can read our handy piece on the top ideas to make the space look as good as you deserve.