What makes a house a home?

When looking to make home improvements, it is very important that we look to create a completely comfortable surrounding which offers an area for the whole family to live, and of course a place where they can all enjoy full relaxation. At Desser, we don’t just provide quality rattan furniture for our customers, we also offer exquisite garden furniture. Not only that, but we are also leaders in the conservatory furniture market as well as being a top resource for everything you need regarding your own home improvements. The outside We are a long-running family business and having thereby amassed decades of experience, we are able to offer advice on anything – certainly including which type of furniture is best for you when you want to create the perfect home. There are many reasons to improve our domestic surroundings, and if we put our time into it, we can really create a home which expresses our own distinct personalities. The aim should really be to create a home which offers a complete emotional relaxation and a real sense of comfort. The home is all about privacy, well-being and self-expression. Nobody wants to live in just a house. A house is just the structure that we live inside whilst the home provides mental and emotional support and is the place we most look forward to after a long day. If you don’t feel like that, then maybe you could do with incorporating a few new improvements to what should really be your own sanctuary. Making the most of our living quarters is important for our psychological well-being so that we can enjoy a healthy and productive life when we head out and go to work, or go out socialising. You need to be able to come through the doors of your home before kicking back and enjoying your living room, bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom. Here are a couple of things that we feel can go some way towards turning a house into a home. Its very important that you are able to relax when at home, and it is also important that you don’t focus too much on picking the right type of furniture, or begin stressing out about it too much – this will defeat the object. Try to amass your furniture in an organic mannerand simply let it happen. You could try to love your home in each stage that it’s in. Take in the evolution as you find wonderfully unique tables or wall pieces. Don’t just nip to the out-of-town flat pack furniture store and buy lots of mass-produced, featureless and soulless items. They may be easy to put up, but when they are constructed they will add no real character to your home. The aim should be to try and create a stress free zone. This might prove to be a challenge when you have a couple of kids and your pets running about the place, but even so – there should be at least one room in which you can really switch off. The home is where you should be able to clear your mind, almost in a complete state of relaxation, leave all the negativity at the door and just make it a happy place – easy, right? How much time do you actually spend in your home? With the stresses of everyday life, it can be hard to find time to really hang out in the place that you should be spending most of your relaxation time. Maybe you don’t spend enough time there? This could be because it’s not as homely as it really could be. If this is the case, be proactive and change the things you don’t like. If you’re short on a budget, simply spend some time thereand try to make the most of what you’ve got. The more happiness, laughter and good times that you have in your house, the more it will begin to actually feel like a home. Try inviting more people over for meals, drinks and maybe just to catch up on a bit of television. The place will develop its own vibrancy if the atmosphere more relaxed. Try to share your living space, even if you aren’t too happy with the way it is; it may develop as a cool place to hang out with friends over time. A home provides the shelter for you to hide away from the storms that life throws at us. It should be a place which is filled with the people you love and there should be a real buzz about being there, with the kids and the pets playing in the garden, or on the stairs – that’s reallywhat most of us dream about. Following on from the previous point, nobody wants a home which is too quiet. There should be a flurry of noise in your home, with TVs, the dogs barking and kids shouting! All these things make the home a great place to be. Saying that, you might sometimes need a bit of silence and a cup of tea! If you fill your home with nice memories, it will very quickly become more than just a house. If you have things to look back upon, such a nights in with a DVD, birthdays and dinner dates for example, what was once your house will become a fully-fledged home which is a real pleasure to stay in. If you have recently moved into the place, move quickly to invite your friends over for dinner or have a house-warming party. Turning your house into a home is more than just what we have discussed in the first part of this blog post. You should try to think outside the box when trying to add a touch of personality to your abode, and nowadays it is possible to do all this without breaking the bank. Next we will look at the more materialistic aspects that you should look at when decorating or buying things for your home. fil your house with nie things

Fill your house with nice things

First of all, start with the colour scheme. Choose your favourite colours, and not just with the paint on the walls or the pillows. Mix and match and try to create a lively place to be. If you like green and blue, choose green and blue things; make it your own. Next up, buy nice things and display them like a merchandiser in a shop. This could be nice soaps and bath lotions, or it could be spices in the kitchen. Turn your things into ‘home accessories’ – this could add a real touch of class to a room. Make quick fixes

Quick fixes

Now, if you’re short on money and everything is becoming a little tired, and you’re desperate to inject a new lease of life into your home without spending any cash, you will be able to. You’d be really amazed at the things you can do which don’t take long at all, and the things in your home that you already own which can be of real use. You could start by rearranging your furniture, and if you already have rattan furniture you will already know how easy this can be. You might be pleasantly surprised at how different you living space looks and feels by moving a couch, table or even your bed. You can add a real freshness to any room by just an easy maneuver, your room could even end up feeling larger. If you have been known to be a crafty person in the past, and have dabbled in a little arts and crafts, you might have fabrics or paints knocking around in the basement or in a spare room. You should put them to good use; try using any fabric to give a new lease of life to any old cushions whilst you could give any room a new lick of paint, even try creating some new pieces of art for the walls. Colourful wall art can make any room much more interesting and fun to be in. We mentioned before about displaying items in your kitchen or bathroom. There should be no need to keep everything closed away. Bring out any decorative dishes or bowls and try and display them all proudly, a simple rearrangement or change of emphasis can be a cost free and effective way to spruce up your house. It’s very easy nowadays to find large and cheap mirrors. They are extremely effective at enhancing a room’s natural lighting and making a room appear larger. All you need to do is simply lean a mirror or rest one against a wall, you could even add several to multiply the effect. If you have a fireplace which you don’t use, you could start by firing it up. A fireplace is a focal point and it can be a rooms greatest asset so use it properly. Light up your fireplace in the winter or in the summer, just place a large plant or other artifact in the empty space when its not being used. We all have plenty of old photographs which are collecting dust in albums or old shoeboxes, don’t let them become forgotten. You should look to hang them proudly and prominently in living rooms, bedrooms and hallways or even try to create a small gallery in one of your rooms. Picking up cheap frames and filling them with photographs of your memories can be the perfect way to personalise your home. Every room should have a plant or at least some greenery, this can really help to add to the atmosphere of the place. Bring freshly cut flowers and present them in a ornate bowl, or have a nice fruit bowl with a selection of exotic fruits in your kitchen. Bringing natural things into the home such as rocks and plants can be a great way to get the kids involved whilst bringing the whole family closer to nature. The outside

The outside

Our final point is to never forget the outside of your home. Everything might be hunkydory on the inside, but if your front and back gardens are not well looked after, you wont have an overwhelming sense of pride each time you head home. If you give your front door or windows a fresh lick of paint or tend to those overgrown bushes you have had to walk past for months, it can go a long way to creating a homely place that you actually want to spend time in. Your outdoor spaces are just as important as the indoor parts of your home. This includes the lawn, and any fruit trees or the shrubbery which is, we admit, quite hard to maintain. If you create a patio to relax on during the warmer months of the year, you will be able to entertain guests and also will be able to spend time alone with the family. Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter what yours is like, it should never be neglected. Simple design principles can create a space of colour, and a vibrancy a place to relax. You could have a number of different wildlife species which come back and visit your garden, which if you manage it correctly, will be a visually beautiful place with a few focal points and an array of different coloured flowers which everyone can enjoy. How do you feel about our blog about how to make a house a home? It can be very easy to implement a few changes which can create a place to relax with all the family. At Desser we specialise in offering wonderful rattan furniture as well as high quality garden and conservatory furniture. If you are looking to make easy and stunning home improvements, get in touch today to see how we can help you. Our team has years of experience and have been in the rattan furniture game since 1919. Join in the conversation on twitter or email us at info@desser to find out more.