What is an Orangery?

Orangeries are something which can be more associated with the renaissance era, but in the 21st century it has now become the perfect home extension that lets the outside in. Much like conservatory, the room is designed specifically to let in an abundance of light and brighten up the home.


What Is The Difference Between A Conservatory And An Orangery?

An orangery is very similar to a conservatory. However, instead of being primarily using glass on the outside, they tend to be more similar to an extension. Usually with bricks and a flat roof that has a piece of glass centrally at the top.

The combination of less glass and more brickwork makes and orangery the perfect choice for winter use. They can be made to feel cosier, and less cold temperatures can come through the window glazing.


There a number of ways you can design your orangery for it to be a wonderful addition to your home. See below some of our ideas:


Open It Up to Your Patio

When building your orangery, it can be a good idea to try and have it matching with your outdoor space. This can be done by adding some French doors that can be opened up to have a seamless flow between your outdoors and indoors. An additional way to make sure this is enhanced is by having your cane furniture outside following the same tone and colour as what you are using indoors.

cane chairs in an orangery

Integrate It with Another Room

You don’t always have to use an orangery as an extension and a separate room to your home. Often when we are asking the question what is an orangery, people picture an almost separate room. Instead, you can use an orangery roof with a high apex at the top of your dining room. This is a way to really brighten up the space and create an open feel in the room. If you already have adequate space for a dining room, you have lots of other options for what you can do for the orangery. You could even use it as a bathroom!

Get Creative

One of the fantastic aspects of an orangery is that you can get creative with how you choose to design the architecture. With a conservatory, your options are minimised. This is because you are primarily dealing with glass and this usually means the room shape has to be square or rectangular. However, with an orangery the brickwork means you can get choose to get a chimney wall built in to create more of a cosy feel and create a focal point for the room.

Fireplace in orangery room

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

So, what is an orangery? Well, it’s one of the greatest ways to bring your outdoors into your home. By following a natural theme with the colours and décor chosen in other rooms, you can create a consistent flow from room to room. If you want to create a different vibe, then you can always decorate it completely differently to the rest of your home.

Pastel colours always work well, especially when teamed with natural wood flooring and soft furnishings. They give vibrancy and light to the room while also keeping it subtle and tranquil. To really make the most of the space, include plenty of greenery which will also help with purifying the air.

House plant by the window

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