Top Tips for Revamping Your Garden Furniture

With the sun out, we all want to get outside as much as possible whilst the weather is still nice. If you’re adamant, you don’t want to reinvest in a whole new range of rattan garden furniture we’ve listed some great ideas for you so you revamp your outdoor furniture to get it looking like a wonderful place for you and your friends to enjoy for the remaining days of summer.

Take the Indoors Out

If you’re in the process of re-decorating your interior, you made to look to move some furniture around. Instead of throwing out pieces you’ve had for a while, why not look to re-home it. A huge trend for 2016 has been to use your indoor rattan furniture outside. As the furniture is so versatile you’ll quickly find it takes the outdoors in its stride and looks great while doing so. Most quality indoor furniture pieces are already weather but if yours isn’t, you may want to paint it or cover it with some accessories or blankets to protect it from showers. So rather than let it gather dust, use your unused indoor furniture and liberate it by putting it into the garden.

Add A Glimmer of Glass 

If you’ve got an old and frail table that has been on its last legs for years, it’s time for it to go. Upgrade your table with an elegant glass top. Included in certain suite packages, we offer a glass centre piece to suit your every need. All our ranges are strong and durable so don’t worry about them easily breaking. An old and worn glass table in your garden gives you gets the feeling of being on ‘the emergency chair’ at Christmas dinner, especially if it’s wonky! A minimal purchase that has a big impact on your alfresco dining, why not treat yourself to this revamp!

Co-ordinate Colour with New TexturesGarden Awning using blue and green linen fabrics

If you’re had the same furniture set for years, the colour might now be all a bit too boring and outdated for you. Why not try hanging some stunning fabrics over an awning to give yourself a secret getaway. It can hide a tired table top, create privacy and an intimate feel, provide shade from the sun and protect you from the wind and rain. Mix that with a range of delightful throws and cushions and there you’ll have your own little cosy retreat. It’s almost like creating a new room, outside…

Get The Needle Kit Out

If you’re happy with your chairs but you feel they’re missing that little something, why not get that needle kit out and update your old cane conservatory chairs with some new upholstered cushions? Designers are forever doing this as a quick and easy way to breathe some life back into their seating. If you’re not the best of sewer’s then don’t fear as it’s easy to pick up. Use vibrant pants and summer colours and opt for waterproof or water-resistant fabric to make them more weather durable. You can sew by hand or by machine but regardless of which options you choose, this is such an inventive and fun way of adding a bit of your personality to your garden!