Top Tips for Designing a Smaller Garden

A small garden doesn’t need to have small ambitions. Even in the tiniest of gardens, it is possible to create a beautiful outdoor space that you’ll be able to enjoy all year round. A smaller garden often works well as an alternative outdoor room, giving you an additional area for entertaining or relaxing. When planning a small garden, it’s better to be bold and select few large features rather than lots of small. Here are a few tips for designing your garden space…


In a small garden, you won’t have the luxury of creating different areas of plants that will peak at one particular time of year. Choose plants that are not seasonal and will look good almost all year round, and place them in baskets or shelved pots rather than in the ground, so that they will get more sun all year around.  

Small Lawn

In a smaller garden, a little lawn can be a nice feature and focal point, especially if it has a distinctive shape and is easy to maintain. Alternatively, you may choose to replace it with another permeable surface, such as gravel or decking.


Climbers are a great feature in a small garden as they don’t take up very much space on the ground, but give a beautiful overall aesthetic with their foliage and flowers.


Selecting outdoor furniture for your garden if it is smaller is tricky, as you want an area to sit and relax with it taking up the whole space. Here as Desser, we have outdoor furniture to gardens of all shapes and sizes. Here are but a few examples…  Dakota You can mix and match sofa’s in our Dakota range to create your own custom Dakota Set – that will fit into your smaller garden space. With the option of a 3 seater and 2 seater sofa available, create your lounge set depending on the space you have. striped outdoor furniture


This beautiful 2 seater from the Madison Outdoor Range is ideal for a smaller garden space, as it comes with a handy built-in side table.

Outdoor seater furniture


The cute and quaint 5 piece set from the Boston Outdoor Range is perfect for the smaller outdoor party. Ideal to store away neatly in the corner of a patio or garden, the stools tuck away neatly under the tables providing easy storage.

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