Top Tips to Bring Your Conservatory Alive in Spring

Top Tips to Bring Your Conservatory Alive in Spring

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The days are getting brighter, shorter and just a little bit warmer. That means that Spring is right around the corner. And that also means that you will be considering how best to prepare your conservatory for the increased use it is about to experience. With that in mind, what can you do to make your conservatory a much more beautiful space in time to enjoy throughout spring?

Early Spring Cleaning

Cleaning is what spring is all about, something which you can’t avoid even if you really want to. It’s out with all the old rubbish and in with some beautiful minimalism. This is especially the case if your conservatory has been out of use over winter, due to the cold, and seems to have accumulated a season’s worth of this and that.


Life is always a great way to make space feel more living. In this case, a range of beautiful plantlife is the best way to both brighten up a plain conservatory space and bring a little freshness to this conservatory space.

Colourful additions such as azalea, chrysanthemum and even ferns can make your conservatory suddenly feel alive. Better yet, the sunny and warmer condition of the conservatory is the perfect condition for many of these plants to thrive.



Sometimes the glaring sun can be too much and make a conservatory far too warm to actually be used on a daily basis. Especially as the sun stays higher and longer in the sky, you may feel like your conservatory is more a sauna than a pleasant place to sit most days.

Cosy Factor

Of course, nothing says comfortable conservatory like having a cosy selection of furniture and a wash of cushions. An example of this is our Brasilia range, the perfect rattan weave to suit all of your indoor needs. From a sofa to a lamp table, there are plenty of pieces to suit whatever space your conservatory has to offer. Offering both style and comfort, there is no better way to get comfy than with a full set of conservatory furniture.



At the end of the day, nothing says Spring more than a fresh start. Which means a touch of redecoration is never more perfect, nor more needed, than when Spring starts blooming. A new lick of paint, a good rug or simply replacing the furniture can breathe new life into space overnight. Even the little things, such as a new ornament, can make space feel almost new again.


Overall, preparing your conservatory for Spring is the perfect lead up for preparing the rest of your house for the season. At the very least, it gives you somewhere to escape to once trying to clean the rest of your home becomes too much to cope with.

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