Top 5 Gardening Trends This Autumn

Top 5 Gardening Trends This Autumn

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This year we’ve had one of the hottest summer’s on record which has encouraged more people to spend time outdoors in their garden. However, it can be easy to forget about your garden as the weather starts to turn and the leaves start to fall. But as we get deeper into autumn, there are some key trends emerging for you to keep your garden up-to-date. Don’t fall behind once summer ends, stay in the know with our top 5 gardening trends this autumn:


  1. Japanese Style Wabi-Sabi

The Japanese have an alternative way of gardening that’s made its way to the UK. It’s called ‘wabi-sabi’ and refers to the act of letting your garden naturally grow or decay. In short, it revolves around embracing your gardens imperfections. A wonderful notion for a lazy gardener! So, sit back and relax as you take the laissez-faire approach to your outdoor spaces. You can confine this to just one area in your garden for maximum impact.


  1. Alfresco Dining

Alfresco dining has really come into its own this autumn. There’s no reason to disregard outdoor dining just because the summer is over. The biggest trend this year has been to creative an immersive dining experience, surrounding your outdoor furniture with beautiful foliage and greenery. Centre the space around a cosy fire pit if you’re worried about the autumnal chill.


alfresco dining set


  1. Beautiful Houseplants

Indoor plants are making an epic comeback this autumn. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing in the home, but they also carry many health benefits. Houseplants can purify the air of harmful toxins, promote a better night’s sleep and also reduce stress.


  1. Meditation Spaces

Mindfulness has become increasingly popular over the past few years. People are realising the positive impact gardening can have on their mental wellbeing. Creating a space especially for this purpose is a great way of utilising your garden this autumn. Incorporate your favourite flowers and plants to design a serene space suitable for meditation.


  1. Growing Fruit & Vegetables

Eating healthily can be easier said than done. However, by growing your own fruit and vegetables, you’re making delicious fresh produce more readily available – encouraging you to eat more. There are plenty of varieties you can still successfully grow this autumn such as broad beans, salad leaves, onions and asparagus.

Getting On Board With Top Gardening Trends This Autumn

Though the summer has come and gone, there’s no excuse to neglect your garden. There are plenty of key trends that are taking off this autumn, so pick your favourites and start getting creative. Whether you want to try growing your own fruit and vegetables or are going to transform your garden into an alfresco dining haven; autumn is the perfect time to experiment.

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