The latest trends in interior design for S/S 2014

Let’s be honest. Fashions come and go, but your home will always be the one consistent point in your life. Familiar, comfortable, and effortlessly stylish: your home should be a sanctuary. So why should you care if your home, or conservatory, is fashionable or not? Whether you update your home regularly, or just fancy a change, it’s always a great idea to do your research and find out which styles and trends suit you. Fashion doesn’t just need to be beautiful. It can be interesting, thought-provoking, and (dare I say it) functional. If the thought of rummaging through endless ‘home interior’ magazines gives you the shivers, we are here to help. Here is a brief overview of the latest interior trends for S/S 2014. With our know-how and a little imagination, you can create something in your home that’s fashionable and practical. (And, we promise; there will be no inflatable furniture or stuffed exotic animals.)

Woodland Features

This summer, its all about using accessories to give your home an organic and ‘woodland’ feel. Throw away any ideas of The Hobbit, think country cottage retreat with warm accessories and antique touches. There are a variety of ways that you can bring the woodland into your home. Whether you feel adventurous and love furry animal skins, or prefer something more low-key, then there is something for everyone. interiordesigntrends1 The woodland look is based on several key pieces and accessories: the leather armchair (preferably aged), the tweed fabrics, various wood ornaments, and plenty of greenery. If you are a sucker for cute animals and soft furnishings, then update your home with an abundance of pillows featuring owls and stags. Texture is also a key component of the woodland trend. Mix together canvas prints with a brick feature-wall (you can also use wallpaper). Throw a strategic quilt over a leather chair and keep your home chic and comfortable. If you are feeling especially bold, then update your room with a faux animal skin on a wooden floor. Texture is key: with a few well-chosen pieces, you can create the ‘busy’ woodland feel without tripping over your new toys. Less is always more. interiordesigntrends2 To make sure that your woodland theme doesn’t turn too autumnal, light is absolutely key. Keep things bright, sunny, and warm by introducing a variety of plants and light colours into the mix. It’s easy to go over-board with the woodland look, so make sure you choose key accessories to maximise space and light. If all of this seems a bit kitsch, then you can bring the woodland-feel to your home by being more strategic. Breath some life into a tired room by using plants, indoor trees, and even chopped log wood. They will give your home an organic feel but will instantly create that cosy, woodland environment.

Comfortable Minimalism

If the woodland-look is a bit high maintenance for you, then you’ll love the (comfortable) minimalist style of S/S 2014. Minimalism has suffered a rotten reputation since the dawn of fiberglass chairs, sterile white walls, and cold, empty rooms. Forget all of that and embrace the new minimalism: its warm, inviting, and timelessly chic. The no fuss, no frills, approach to home decorating can create and atmosphere of calmness and tranquility. If you don’t fancy stripping your walls and banishing your accessories to the attic, then embrace the bare essentials of minimalism. Pastels, chorals, and even metallic shades of grey and black are all bang on trend this summer. Opt for a feature wall if you are feeling shy, pair it with some neutral colours, and sit back and enjoy the ambience. Simplicity at its best and with just a splash of colour. interiordesigntrends3 Geometric designs are also a large component on new minimalism. Contrasting lines, shapes, and colours create a bold and exciting take on classic minimalist design. To make sure your home remains comfortable and functional, stick with soft furnishings for extra contrast. There is no reason why this season’s trends can’t be practical as well as stylish. interiordesigntrends4 While pastels are all over the catwalk this season, they have filtered into interior design trends too. Reminiscent of warm summers and sweet treats, pastels bring some fun to the minimalist look. Like the geometric theme, make sure to contrast your pastel shades to create something new and contemporary. Has minimalism ever been so feminine?


If you aren’t lucky enough to go abroad this year, then you need not fret. The latest trend for interior design is to bring the tropical environment into your home. If ideas of Club Tropicana and Spongebob are floating in your mind, then banish them at once. This tropical trend is oh-so chic and brings the summer to you. Like the woodland trend, tropical design is all about bringing nature into your home. Stock up on your greenery and stick to natural materials, like wood, wicker, and bamboo. This will give your room an instant tropical-boost without going OTT. In terms of colour, the tropical trend is great for its fluidity and experimentalism. Trends range from the natural and organic hues of a Fiji-esque hut to the bold and adventurous. If you prefer to keep things toned down, then stick to greens and warm earthy colours: interiordesigntrends5 If, on the other hand, you want something with a contemporary edge, try bright tones and super-white walls: interiordesigntrends6 Just like the woodland and minimalist trends, the tropical design focuses on key pieces and furnishes. No one suggests that you re-decorate your entire or home or conservatory to accommodate the tropical motif (god forbid). However, with some added plants and wooden textures, you can decorate your way on holiday. If you want a bonus point, then make like the Russian Tsars and add some ornamental pineapples to your room. It might be unorthodox but they are everywhere this season. It’s all about bringing the outdoors to the indoors and creating your own seasonal escape. The optional deck-chairs and pineapples are up to you.


‘Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking..’
Amanda Priestly (aka Meryl Streep) may have had a point in The Devil Wears Prada. However, for interior design, she couldn’t be more wrong. The floral trend is beautiful, fresh, and has been re-invented in an entirely contemporary way. The great thing about floral design is that it has a timeless quality. Even when summer has gone and the dark nights approach, flowers and floral patterns elevate the mood and bring serenity to a room. Much like the other seasonal fashions, you can embrace the floral trend as much or as little as you like. Botanical pillows, throws, wallpapers; the skies are the limit. If you would prefer something more subtle, then a feature wall or print can be perfect. Before you decide on your wallpaper, however, think about how it would function in a room. What you might love this season could become over-powering in six months time. Irregardless, if you want to stay on trend, try to tone-down the feminine edge. Colours such as blue and grey breath a new life into traditional floral designs. Keep the palette cool and create a home environment that can please everyone. interiordesigntrends7 If you fancy being creative, then the floral trend is perfect for pleasing people who love to sew. Find your own floral fabric and update your tired pillows and wooden chairs. A great fabric can even double onto a canvas print for something unique and totally individual. There is no reason why home furnishings and fashion should be expensive.

The Blues

While florals can often be over the top and busy, sometimes blue can seem cold and uninteresting. This season’s blue, however, is dramatic and adds an air of calm to any room. interiordesigntrends8 Whether you wish to bring the seaside into your home or love the set design of Chocolat, a blast of blue into your home will bring it instantly up to date. Alas, if you wish to please the interior gods, only certain shades of blue will do: experiment with peacock blue, cobalt, and turquoise. The details are up to you. Like our other trends this season, don’t be tempted to embrace the blues throughout your home. A moody blue will provide a gorgeous landscape to your room. If you dread the thought of redecorating, then use accessories to show off any accents of colour. Blue paint runs the risk of making a room feel smaller, and no one wants that.

Light Wood

We’ve already talked about how fashionable wood is in the woodland section, but that’s only half the story. To be top on trend this season, forget the dark woods of seasons past. It’s all about light, or sun-kissed, wood this season and its a versatile and durable fashion choice. The great thing about lighter wood is that it isn’t as high maintenance compared to its darker counterparts. Choose shades that don’t require varnishing and keep things natural. Lighter tones will give your room an instant up-lift and get you ready for the summer. interiordesigntrends9 To avoid looking too sparse, stick to lighter grains of wood like oak and walnut. Lighter shades of wicker are also in trend this season and offer a quick alternative to any drastic interior changes. If you have already just got used to decorating your home with dark wood, then reach a middle ground. Light-wood ornaments, picture frames, and chairs will bring the trend into your room without any big compromises.

Interior Trends S/S 2014: the review

There are a variety of ways that you can change, transform, and update your home this season. Even if fashions come and go, you can still create something contemporary while retaining your creature comforts. For the woodland trend, less is always more. Explore your options with accessories and try something quirky. If you love animals, then invest in or create some pillows which showcase your passions. Faux animal skins or also very fashionable but there are alternatives if you want to add some texture to your room. Chuck a throw on a leather chair, explore the world of canvas prints, and make sure to have plenty of plants. An instant update. Even if it’s not your thing, minimalism is here to stay. However, the new minimalism is a reinvention of the dreaded creations of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Try your hand at pastels and chorals and don’t be afraid of experimenting with greys and blacks. For this season, minimalism is all about contrast. Geometry is also a key trend and pairs perfectly with simple, clean lines. If you prefer something a bit more girly, then the floral trend should be right up your street. However, be wary of traditional pinks and overly-feminine hues. This season, florals have been reinvented and they are bolder than ever. Have a look at shades of blue, grey, and black. The great thing about florals is that it has a timeless quality and will carry you into next season. Just remember, less is more! When it comes to accessorising and decorating your home, turn your attention to the tropical theme if you are feeling adventurous. Even if the weather fails us this year, you will always have your beautiful new room to fall back on. Whether you love the natural decorating of an Indian Ocean retreat, or the bold colours of a modern townhouse, the tropical trend has something for everyone. A word of caution, though. Make sure your design will still feel special in the cold wintery months. Images courtesy of,,,,,