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The Increasing Use Of Patterns In Interior Design

Using patterns in interior design is nothing new, though the style in which we use them has differentiated year to year. In 2019 we’re set to see a huge resurgence of classic, timeless prints to decorate the home. If you’re not sure on how to include patterns into your home décor, then fear not. See below our useful guide:

Strikingly Different Wallpaper

Create an elegant look for guests as soon as they enter with some colourful wallpaper in the hallway. Using wallpaper towards the entrance of your home sets the tone for the rest of the rooms. You can also choose the base colour from the wallpaper that you’re going to incorporate into the rest of your home. Alternatively, try a feature wall in your living room by picking one wall and putting up a bold wallpaper pattern. This instantly draws the eye to the wall. The perfect way to make the most of patterns in interior design.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are an underrated way of including patterns into your home interior design. Whether you’re decorating a traditional English country kitchen or a modern ensuite bathroom, mosaic tiles can work wonders for décor. You could also use tiles to create an interesting look on a fireplace. To make it more of a feature. What’s great about using mosaics is that it doesn’t need to be neat and tidy, in fact, a mix of tiles and patterns can help to create a quirky, unique look.

feet on kitchen tiles as patterns in interior design

Animal Prints

We’ve all seen animal prints take over in terms of fashion this year, and next year it’s set to dominate our homes. Animal prints don’t necessarily need to be garish to make a statement, they can almost be used as neutral, earthy tones. Layering monochrome animal prints looks great in a cosy living room, leaving the other colours in the room to truly pop and make an impression.

Mixing Textures

A mix of patterns and textures has the power to either add drama or cosiness to a room depending on your preference. Blending patterns with textures is sometimes considered a risky move for an interior design novice, so stick to using one as the dominant option. For example, pair a fluffy white rug with elaborate patterned sofa cushions for a fun living space. On the other hand, you can lay a patchwork throw over a block colour armchair for an understated, classy look.

The Use Of Patterns In Interior Design Next Year

Sometimes it’s best to get ahead of the trends, as is the case with using patterns in your interior design. Flick through your favourite home décor magazines and get some inspiration to decorate your home in style come the new year.

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