The Art of Zen: How to make a home more relaxing

zen In modern times, we live a hectic lifestyle; running from meetings and rushing to meet deadlines. That’s why a lot of people have adopted Zen interior design as a way of furnishing their homes. After working a full day in the hustle and bustle of a city, you don’t want to go to a place which mirrors just that, with clutter and mess everywhere. Zen offers a completely natural feel and ambience which any person could enjoy. Why would you want your home to be a stressful place to live? Zen is not a conventional design style that has been created by the experts. There aren’t any books to read that enforce strict rules about what you can and can’t do. In Japanese, Zen means meditation. Taken over to interior design, it focuses on the balance, relaxation and harmony of a space. The teachings of Zen follow a general style which consists of minimalism, purity of lines and simplicity. It’s one of the best ways to create an atmosphere that will get you away from the work mindset and into a relaxed and serene mood. It isn’t only about the stylings of the specific room. For the full Zen experience, it’s a good idea to add various decorations such as stones or bonsai trees. A bonsai tree is a great way to provide a clean air source within the room, which is always a good benefit. The following tips and advice will provide you the stepping stones to living in Zen space that anybody could enjoy. Softness at your feet Imagine, you’ve had a full day at work and it’s been a particularly stressful day. You travel home and get stuck in the traffic, and by the time you get home you simply want to throw your shoes off and hide away from the rest of the world. Entering your home and being greeted by a soft and luxurious carpet can make all these stresses a thing of the past. Some people like to lie back and take a nap on their carpet, whereas others like to have a mess around with their children. A hard carpet is not going to be comfortable for these uses, and they potentially won’t be safe for the kids. One of the main things about these kinds of carpets is that they should be soft without the drawback of scratchiness. Nobody wants to lie down on the floor just to stand up because the carpet is irritating them. Wool is one of the softest fibers that can be found on the market, but it can often be expensive. Both nylon and polyester make a good alternative. The comfort of a carpet doesn’t only focus on how it actually feels, but also how it affects your health. A lot of carpets have a distinct smell to them. It may seem harmless, but it’s actually all caused by volatile organic combines that emit from the padding and carpet. This will cause poor indoor air quality, resulting in various health problems such as asthma and other allergies. The best way to avoid this type of problem is to go for a material that is made from natural products. Popular choices are wool as well as jute, but it’s important to make sure they are made free from chemical dyes. Natural lighting to create pureness rsz_zen_space It’s amazing just how many homes don’t take advantage of natural lighting and its many benefits. Using daylight is better than artificial light in a lot of ways, but the best thing to note is that it’s completely free for you to use! Taking the advantage of daylight is something that everybody should do. Being able to enjoy some of the sunnier of days is an effective way of putting everybody into a good mood. In an environment that has a good amount of natural light, the human brain and eye responds better, allowing you to focus better on activities. The health benefits go on even more. Seasonal Affective Disorder is something that is common in the UK. It’s a clinically diagnosed condition in which a person feels ill because of the lack of sunshine. If exposed to natural light it can help them feel better, aiding the healing process. Doctors have noticed that patients have recovered much faster when there’s a good level of natural light. There isn’t any confusion why people like an environment that is naturally lit, it’s why there’s a large amount of sunrooms and conservatories all across the country. You’re going to enjoy yourself if you can actually see what’s going on compared to sitting there with artificial light shining in your face. Something that a lot of people don’t realise is that making a space that is more accessible to natural light can be more economical than if they didn’t. At least 25% of energy in a home is lost through the roof. Rooflight designs are more often than not insulated against the elements, as well as allowing heat to stay in the home. It may even have a knock on effect with your energy bills. Furniture that’s natural One of the most important aspects of Zen is the furniture. It should match your room and be made with natural materials. It’s a great and simple way to create an overall sense of relaxation and warmth. For furniture, rattan is one of your best options. The variety of designs you get to choose from means you can accommodate to any style of Zen you have going in a room. As it’s a natural material it fits what makes Zen what it is. With Rattan being one of the most adaptable materials to work with it’s possible to furnish a whole room simply by using this one material. This can range from sofas, chairs, coffee tables, lamp tables and even footstool. Creating a space that is Zen but also comfy is easily achieved through the use of Rattan. If you want to check out our whole range, check out the rest of the website. To create a full Zen space, make sure that your furniture isn’t cluttered together. It’s vital that you have a sufficient amount of space to lie back and enjoy the ambience of your room. If you make sure to maximise your natural light, like previously suggested, there will be nothing better than lounging in the sun. It can be one of the best ways to utilise clever storage facilities. If you’re someone that keeps a lot of different items in a space, being able to keep them hidden while still accessible is key. This can range from traditional cupboards, closets and chest of drawers. Some people prefer more unconventional methods, such as wall storage or hidden boxes. It’s completely up to you and your personal taste. Zen decoration, but at a minimum One of the main aims of a space that is Zen styled is to create a bond between the indoors and the outdoor. Leafy potted plants are a great way to bring nature indoors without it being in your face. A fresh air supply also has good health benefits. When it gets to the evening and natural light is no longer available to light up your space, candles are a great alternative to conventional lighting methods. It’s a great way to convey a feeling of calm and comfort, which is invaluable for a Zen space. There is a wide variety of candles that are all in different shapes and colours, helping you to create different atmospheres whenever you want. If you want to make a romantic evening then the correct candle can be an effective way of setting the mood without it becoming too cheesy. A lot of people like to use their Zen space room as a place to meditate and get away from the rest of the world. Choosing a couple of Asian deities or statues can be a great way to get yourself in the correct frame of mind. This is another time when small candles, perhaps scented, can be a great asset. One of the most important things about decorations is don’t go overboard. You don’t want to walk into the space to see a cluttered mess strewn about. Zen is all about freedom and nature so don’t try and place decor on every single furnishing you own. rsz_sand_zen Incorporate the five elements of Zen When a person speaks about Zen, one of the things it covers is its distinct elements. These elements are as follows:
  • Water
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Earth
  • Fire
Clearly, these are the elements that are part of a number of different traditions, but they are still a large part of Zen. The combination of these elements all work together to create a space that is in tune with nature. A lot of people that use mediation as a form of relaxation will often speak about these elements, and how they feel they need to be close to them to have a full experience. Fire can include a fireplace, candles or fire bowls. It is one of the wildest elements, making it hard to control. We are supposed to embrace this wildness and use our powers to control it. Earth can include pebbles, stones and plants. The main purpose of earth is to have an understanding how various forms of life can be produced from it. It’s an element we can look at and appreciate the beauty of the world around us. Earth can be used to produce food, as well as plants. Water can be in the form of a fountain, or even a picture of a water scene. Water is an element that is always moving. It brings life but it’s also the cause of mass destruction in some cases. We appreciate water as it reminds us of ourselves, able to be peaceful and serene. Metal can be used as part of furniture, sculptures or frames. Metal shows us what the earth produces naturally though the action of pressure. It also expresses how it’s possible for us, as human beings, to take advantage of this material and transform it into something that can benefit us. It’s one of the materials that lets us show off our creativity and mechanical knowledge. Like metal, wood can be seen in furniture, but it is possible to get bamboo and tree decorations. Wood is a basic material that we take for granted. It is used for housing as well as producing oxygen that we breath in. This element shows us why we should respect nature, as if we were without it we would have struggled when it came to creating tools and construction. zen bedroom Zen and You Zen is one of the best additions you could bring to your home, especially if you’re someone who wants to get more in tune with nature. It’s essential to keep work and home life separate so that they don’t affect each other, which is why you need to create a space that is completely unique. One of the best things about Zen is just how accommodating it is. You have access to a wide range of options that are to your taste, all while maintaining a Zen feel. Never be afraid to go a bit wild, part of the fun is seeing exactly what it is you can come up with. You aren’t restricted to a specific room either. A Zen design will work as well in a living room as it would in would in a bathroom. Of course, you couldn’t have the exact same furnishings that you would have in both rooms, but it can still work well. Interior design doesn’t have to be a boring task like most people think. Getting a group of people together to sort out a Zen styled room can be a fun way to spend the afternoon. You can have the satisfaction that you have created a room that is beautiful and modern. What did you think of this blog? Do you think you’ll carry out a Zen project on a room in your home? Let us know in the comments below!