Tag: Rattan Garden Furniture

If you’ve been neglected your garden furniture set up over the last years, what better time than now to update your outdoor space? Here at Desser, we feel like you deserve to treat yourself so with the new year just around the corner, why not start thinking about refreshing your outdoor furniture? To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together some of the rattan garden furniture trends so you’ve got an idea of what to buy in 2017.

Better Materials

Expect to see an uplift in new garden furniture materials such as resin weave, that will once again prove to be popular next year due to their low maintain USP. The weaves themselves will still boast that classic style and look of natural, organic wicker but the material is specially designed to cope with varying weather. The lightweight aluminium frames they’re built with not only make the suite robust but always means they’re easy to move around if you’re catering to those extra guests.

Eating Al Fresco 

Today eating Al Fresco is once again as popular as it used to be back in the 60s. Now, people love getting into their garden and treating it as an extension of their indoors. This is something that furniture retailers have acted on, which has led to a new generation of furniture trends to elevate people’s dining experience. In 2017, it will be more than just the simple eating outside that we’re used to. Now it’ll be about creating that special place where you can entertain as well as eat. A space that will double up as a dining table as a place to relax and lounge about on. Therefore, you should expect to see furniture that meets the demands of practically but also offers a high level of style, design and flexibility to your needs – exactly what you can see in our fantastic new Atlanta range.Atlanta with lavastone table combo | Desser

Furniture Delivery

After finding that ideal piece that is perfect for your home you’ll want to have it home as soon as its ready. When you buy anything, everyone knows you want it at the first possible chance so that’s why here at Desser, our efficient delivery team are on hand to get your suite to you at the first possible opportunity. All you have to do is sit and relax until your range arrives.

Rattan Garden Furniture Accessories

Now like any interior or exterior big purchase you make, they’ll always be little accessories you can buy that compliment and take your purchase to the next level. Next year expect to see people indulging on those finishing touches, adding lanterns, rugs and cushions to match their new outdoor room aesthetic. Whether they’re accented colour additions or an extra table or foot rest, the general theme will be once again about creating this safe haven environment so you can enjoy the weather as well as time with family all in one place.