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When it comes to garden spaces, bigger is by no means better. If you’ve got a balcony, patio or small garden, you can create a beautiful outdoor space that you love with a little bit of planning and inspiration. Whilst we can’t design your garden for you, we can give you some great ideas to help get your imagination going and how to make the most out of the space you’ve got.

Bamboo Shelter

Add a little bit of Tuscany to your outdoor space with a rustic bamboo shelter. This style of covering will bring shade in the summer and protection in the windier weather. If you want to add some plants to your space, then it will also act as a trellis for climbing plants. You can easily add this style to any outdoor space.

Built-In Benches

Some freestanding furniture can be bulky and take up a lot of room. Maximise your space by incorporating some fixed seating and benches into your garden design. To add a splash of colour, incorporate some Moroccan-style cushions and blankets. Not all gardens have to be green, and the red tones will complement your garden features nicely.

Outdoor Dining

You can’t beat a bit of outdoor dining on a warm summer’s evening. If you want to add in an outdoor dining set, then think carefully about the space you have and the type of furniture you’re going to buy. There’s no point in having a large dining set taking up all of the limited room you have. Once you’ve found the set that’s right for your space, add an elegant tablecloth and some feature candles to turn your outdoor dining space into a luxurious one.

Add-In a Fire Pit

Adding warmth, ambience and light, a fire pit will bring so much to a garden. They’re available in a lot of different shapes and sizes, so there’s bound to be one that will work in your garden space, no matter how small. They make a great focal point, which you can then use as a feature point for the rest of your design.

Water Features

Whilst we don’t necessarily mean having a cascading waterfall in your garden space, you can get some great minimalist water features that are perfect for whatever space may be available to you. A water feature will make your garden a place of relaxation and peace and they make great focal points, as well as helping to create a tranquil environment.     
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A wonderful thing about a conservatory is that it can be extremely versatile with its uses.

For instance, you may use it one night to relax and read your favourite book and on another

occasion it may be the spot for your children to have their playtime. The issue is though;

these types of activities are usually best for the summer months – as it seems when we’re in

winter our conservatories a little colder than normal! But this doesn’t have to be the case,

so we’ve put together the best ways to keep your conservatory nice and cosy in the winter


Get Blinds Fitted

Adding blinds into your conservatory can be hugely important during the winter months, as

they provide an energy saving and energy efficiency like no other. With specialist fabrics you

can find your conservatory keeping warm in and cold air out. Ideally, curtains would be

better for this, but it can be difficult to match curtains to the styling and décor of

conservatories. Therefore, to make the conservatory cosier you can use pleated blinds. The

reason for this is that they are made from a thicker fabric which means they can do a better

job of blocking out the heat – and as a wonderful bonus they look beautiful too!

Portable Heaters

Another wonderful way to keep your conservatory cosy is by adding more heat it by getting

some well-designed portable heaters. However, it is important to make sure that you get an

electrical heater instead of one that is reliant on gas. This is because the electrical ones are

much safer and all it will take is an easy flick of the switch to add a little warmth into back to

your conservatory this winter.

Add Some Candles, Cushions and Covers

Without a doubt, these 3 additions will make sure your conservatory is significantly cosier in

the winter. You can place some candles around the room to set a nice relaxed mood – and if

you’re a fan of the extra aromas – you can get some scented ones too! Also, by placing

some cushions and covers over your rattan furniture, you are instantly transferring the set

through from summer to winter, whilst also making sure you’re extra comfy.

The living rooms we live in come in many different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a mansion or a quaint bungalow, we all strive for a welcoming space where we can relax and socialise with family and friends. The living room is such an important place as it’s arguably the most used place in the home so creating that warmth is a must. However, despite how much we all want that perfect room, it can such a headache to achieve. Furniture position plays a vital part in creating that calming place, and finding the right arrangement is crucial. To help cure your problem, check out these ways to accomplish a successful setup. Continue Reading

The summer months have sadly passed, and the opportunity to open up the conservatory doors and let the breeze flow through are going to have to be put on hold for the time being. Those Autumn months now await up so the time for cosying up under blankets and utilising your underfloor heating is now! To give you those warm and indulgent feel you need during the cold days ahead, here are some of our top Autumn ranges that can keep your time in the conservatory cosy and wholesome. Continue Reading

Rattan Furniture has been a household as well as a garden favourite for many generations now. Rattan and cane furniture both rose to fame during the 19th century as it was a lighter and less expensive option to the bulky and heavy furnishings that were being sold and produced on the market at the time. Continue Reading

Our conservatories and orangeries quickly become the pride and joys in our homes but finding the right interior for this additional room can be tasking! Granted, the design will ultimately depend on the rooms function (second living room, kitchen etc.) but it more importantly, needs to gel with the rest of your house otherwise it will look odd and out of place. So, to give you a helping hand we’ve listed some ways to design your rear room so it capitalises on the sunlight and is welcoming for all of your visitors! Continue Reading

Those peaceful summer nights and lovely warm days in the company of friends and family are what summer is all about. After an underwhelming spring, its more than likely that you’ve not given your outdoor areas enough attention over the last few months. Hosting the perfect evening with everyone eating food or drinking underneath those glorious rays is only complete with a well-kept patio area! Below we have listed the top tips that will get your patio ready and in shape for all of the fun filled times that are coming. Continue Reading

One of the biggest trends in 2016, predicted by Houzz.com, is that you can now bring the outdoors, inside! It should not come as a shock to you if you begin to see more and more outdoor furniture/fabrics creeping into peoples homes this year. Whether it’s in an orangery, conservatory or living room, people are now taking their beloved outer items and utilising them in their homes. Expect to see the use of rattan furniture, bold prints, easy to clean fabrics and eco-friendly products. But why is this trend emerging? Take a look below at the reasons why people have started to get on board with this trend. Continue Reading

Today people are exploring the capabilities of their own homes by looking for ways to create space and add value to their property. They are actively seeking, where possible, new rear extensions and conservatory additions as a solution to their household needs. These rooms are specifically designed to allow for an influx of natural light and offer a place where the family can relax and socialise as a whole. This option is highly regarded by many as a valuable property solution but with the change, it creates the problem of knowing how to decorate and furnish the area due to its demanding function and lightening needs. Continue Reading

A conservatory is an ideal spot to get inventive with in your home. It can be that amazing retreat you need to get away from the hectic happenings of the house and enjoy some quiet time to yourself. Taking advantage of your spacious, stylishly designed conservatory will put you in the relaxed and great mood you need. Continue Reading

Bath, in Somerset, is famous for its wealth of history and culture and is packed with stunning attractions and historical locations. If you want your home to be just as iconic as this location is, why not choose one of our amazing rattan furniture suites for your lounge – specifically, our Bath rattan range which would be absolutely ideal. Continue Reading