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Today people are exploring the capabilities of their own homes by looking for ways to create space and add value to their property. They are actively seeking, where possible, new rear extensions and conservatory additions as a solution to their household needs. These rooms are specifically designed to allow for an influx of natural light and offer a place where the family can relax and socialise as a whole. This option is highly regarded by many as a valuable property solution but with the change, it creates the problem of knowing how to decorate and furnish the area due to its demanding function and lightening needs. Continue Reading

A conservatory is an ideal spot to get inventive with in your home. It can be that amazing retreat you need to get away from the hectic happenings of the house and enjoy some quiet time to yourself. Taking advantage of your spacious, stylishly designed conservatory will put you in the relaxed and great mood you need. Continue Reading

When looking to make home improvements, it is very important that we look to create a completely comfortable surrounding which offers an area for the whole family to live, and of course a place where they can all enjoy full relaxation. At Desser, we don’t just provide quality rattan furniture for our customers, we also offer exquisite garden furniture. Not only that, but we are also leaders in the conservatory furniture market as well as being a top resource for everything you need regarding your own home improvements. Continue Reading