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A wonderful thing about a conservatory is that it can be extremely versatile with its uses.

For instance, you may use it one night to relax and read your favourite book and on another

occasion it may be the spot for your children to have their playtime. The issue is though;

these types of activities are usually best for the summer months – as it seems when we’re in

winter our conservatories a little colder than normal! But this doesn’t have to be the case,

so we’ve put together the best ways to keep your conservatory nice and cosy in the winter


Get Blinds Fitted

Adding blinds into your conservatory can be hugely important during the winter months, as

they provide an energy saving and energy efficiency like no other. With specialist fabrics you

can find your conservatory keeping warm in and cold air out. Ideally, curtains would be

better for this, but it can be difficult to match curtains to the styling and décor of

conservatories. Therefore, to make the conservatory cosier you can use pleated blinds. The

reason for this is that they are made from a thicker fabric which means they can do a better

job of blocking out the heat – and as a wonderful bonus they look beautiful too!

Portable Heaters

Another wonderful way to keep your conservatory cosy is by adding more heat it by getting

some well-designed portable heaters. However, it is important to make sure that you get an

electrical heater instead of one that is reliant on gas. This is because the electrical ones are

much safer and all it will take is an easy flick of the switch to add a little warmth into back to

your conservatory this winter.

Add Some Candles, Cushions and Covers

Without a doubt, these 3 additions will make sure your conservatory is significantly cosier in

the winter. You can place some candles around the room to set a nice relaxed mood – and if

you’re a fan of the extra aromas – you can get some scented ones too! Also, by placing

some cushions and covers over your rattan furniture, you are instantly transferring the set

through from summer to winter, whilst also making sure you’re extra comfy.

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