A simple rustic interior design kitchen

Simple Rustic Interior Design Ideas

If you’ve been flicking through interior design magazines and come across the term ‘rustic’ design, then you’re likely to have seen lots of wooden furniture and burning wood fires. But that’s not all that simple rustic interior design entails. In fact, the term rustic is very broad. So, what is rustic interior design and how can you achieve it in your home with minimal effort? 

What is Simple Rustic Interior Design?

Rustic interior design refers to a style of decorating that’s a little rough, exposing elements that may otherwise be seen as imperfect. This means anything natural, aged, vintage and casual is preferred. There are many different layers to rustic décor, but one common theme runs through – emphasising the natural aspects of the home.   

Exposed Brick Walls

Raw materials are typical of simple rustic interior design, which is why whenever you do have the opportunity to use them – you should. And, if you’re not lucky enough to have inherited an old barn house from an 18th-century painter, then you’ll just have to make do with adding those rustic elements in. Exposed brick walls are an excellent place to start when it comes to rustic design because they’re easily implemented even if they’re not naturally there. With beautiful paintings hung on the walls, the look can be brought together in no time.   

Using Re-Purposed Furniture

Rustic furniture is usually handmade from wood, stone or metal to keep in with the natural theme. It’s generally simple in its design and shape, allowing the materials to do all the talking. A lot of the time, this rustic furniture is passed down through generations. If not, you can find similar pieces in antique shops. Where you can, try not to buy brand new “rustic style” furniture, as it’s never going to look at authentic as re-purposed furniture. 

Getting the Lighting Right

This design style should be as warm and inviting as possible, which can be tricky to achieve when you’re working with cold concrete flooring and stone walls. Lighting is a key part of adding warmth to the space. Vintage lampshades and chandeliers are elegant ways to embrace the rustic feature, and they work perfectly when teamed with raw, natural décor. During the winter, you biggest source of light can come from your open fireplace and beautiful delicately scented candles.  

Try Wooden Flooring and Walls

Though simple rustic interior design incorporates a variety of natural materials, wood is by far the most popular material because of its easy availability and versatility. Reclaimed wood or driftwood is best, but there’s no reason why you can’t sand down new wooden furniture to give it a rustic look. To complement the wood, you should use jute or animal prints were possible in your décor.   

Decorating with Fur and Throws

The colour palette for simple rustic interior design is always neutral – first and foremost. However, there’s always room for a little eccentricity when it comes to bold colours and patterns, as long as they’re used sparingly. Browns, creams and greys are best included via a fur throw or rug.  Bold colours can then be added through cushions, lampshades and statement decorative pieces such as artwork or ornaments.