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Scandinavian Themed Living Room Design Ideas

The widely used interior design style of Scandinavian living is still going strong, despite being around for a number of years. Somehow, we just can’t seem to shake the cool, chic design ideas that stem from Scandinavia. The new year can sometimes bring about the need for change, which may start with your home.

Here’s a look at some Scandinavian themed living room designs to give your house a makeover:


Sleek and Minimalist

Everything about a Scandinavian themed living room should be sleek and minimalistic. When you begin creating your space, the best place to start is with a blank canvas. Take everything out until you’re left with the bare bones of the room. You can then decide on the necessities to bring back in, keeping in mind the Scandinavian theme of wooden legged sofas and artistic furniture.

Coffee Tables and Fur Throws

Nothing says Scandinavian themed living room quite like an elegant coffee table in the centre of the room. The right coffee table can become more of a statement piece other than an essential. Alongside the stylish coffee table you might want to add a standalone chair with luxurious throw. Perhaps even a cane chair to keep in with the fresh, minimalist theme.

scandinavian themed living room with cane furniture


A monochrome theme is almost a given when it comes to this interior design style. However, it’s not all black and white. Sometimes it can also include greys and neutrals to break up the monotony. The other shades can come from the statement ornament pieces as well as bright greens from beautiful houseplants.

Art Décor Heaven

One common characteristic of a Scandinavian themed living room is an abundance of artwork. Thought-provoking pieces are at the heart of this decorating style, so go all out and invest in some unique pieces of framed artwork to complete the room.

A Splash Of Colour

Though you’ll want to include everything the Scandinavian theme entails, sometimes it can look a bit too sophisticated for a family home. If you’re trying to keep your living room bright and family orientated, then add some splashes of colour. This may be from a rug, cushions or decorations. Try to make it splashes here and there rather than overbearing if you really want to stick with the theme.

What Will You Try?

Although the Scandinavian theme has an incredibly distinctive look, you shouldn’t feel restricted when it comes to using the style in your home. There are plenty of ways you can put your own spin on it. By adding your preferred artwork choices, a subtle colour scheme and other decorations, you can strike the perfect balance between Scandinavian themed living room and family home.

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