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At Desser, we are passionate about creating conservatory furnitureranges that are both beautiful and functional. All of our suites are handwoven with wicker and rattan, which means that they’re of the highestpossible quality. Not only this, but all of our Desser furniture hasbeen designed to be comfortable and durable.Depending on your needs and interior decor, we have a range ofconservatory furniture styles that will be able to suit your requirements.

Welove designing furniture that will compliment people’s homes but will alsobe highly functional. Your home is your sanctuary and we are thrilled tocreate a comfortable space for you and your family.If you are interested in learning more about Desser furniture and our products,here is a quick summary of our complete furniture ranges. If you have anyquestions, or would just like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contactone of our members of staff.


Bath Banner - Desser

Our Bath range is a wonderful option for people who like style,functionality, and fantastic contemporary design. The range comes in avariety of furniture pieces, including a three-seater, a standard sofa, chair,coffee table, side table, and footstool.

The conservatory furniture is made from a naturally grey Kubu rattanweave and is both beautiful and functional. The range would look especiallygood in a living room or even a modern conservatory.All of the items come in a range of fabrics and can be individuallytailored to your tastes and requirements.


Desser Elmy Banner - Desser

The Elmy range is a fantastic conservatory furniture range to suit alltastes. The Elmy is an incredibly popular series and has a wonderfullytimeless quality. For this reason, the range would fit perfectly with a varietyof decor styles.

The chairs, sofas, and swivel rocker have all been expertly crafted fromrattan core weave. They have also been complemented with a stunningnatural wash finish.Elmy is a fantastic option for people who want versatility andpracticality. Even more so, it is an incredibly comfortable range.


Opera Banner - Desser

The Opera series is a truly classic conservatory furniture range. It’sboth traditional and highly modern, especially with its use of hand wovenrattan and stylish floral design.The Opera range an incredibly comfortabledesign and would suit people of varying ages.Furthermore, it’s a very stylish range. The chairs are ergonomicallydesigned but still retain a beautiful curved aesthetic. In addition to this, theOpera suite comes with removable fibre filled backs which make them easyto maintain. The cushions are also wrapped in foam for extra comfort.


Brasilia is a beautifully simple furniture range and is one of ourfavourites here at Desser. All of the pieces are made from tightly wovenrattan and come in a range of fabrics from you to choose from.The great thing about the Brasilia range is that the rattan does all thetalking. It has been given a natural finish and will especially complement aneutral decor palette.In addition to this, the Brasilia conservatory furniture series comeswith its own specially designed Dacron wrapped base cushions for addedcomfort. Many of our customers appreciate the versatility and modest styleof Brasilia.


Clifton Banner - Desser

Without a doubt, the Clifton range is one of our most popular optionsamongst our clients. The furniture is made from a delicately woven caneand features upholstered armrests as well as comfortable cushions.The fantastic thing about Clifton is that the upholstery can be removedand is easy to clean and maintain. Depending on your tastes and needs, theClifton range can come in a beautiful natural finish and added cushions ifyou require them.


Berlin Banner - Desser

If you want something truly special, then the Berlin range is definitelythe one for you. It has been designed with a split rattan weave and has astrong double frame. It’s a very contemporary style and has been recentlyupdated to accommodate modern tastes.For example, the Berlin conservatory furniture range now features adark wooden finish to match a variety of home decors. Even more so, theBerlin furniture comes with removable split-back cushions and can bedelivered with extra furnishings too.


Cologne is a wonderful and classic furniture range that will suit avariety of people. It has a pale ivory finish and has a neutral finish whichwill complement most homes.It has been designed with a beautiful rattan frame and features curvedarms, comfortable cushions, and foam-filled base cushions. The range isalso available with matching bleached mahogany side tables and scattercushions.


Corsica Banner - Desser

The Corsica range is fabulous for people who are looking for a bespokefurniture range. The modern suite can be fitted to suit your space and canbe fitted with arm pieces on either the central, left, or right arm side.The Corsica furniturehas been designed with intricately styledfabrics which can have sewn into the sofa cushions. Like our other ranges,furthermore, the pillows have been supported with Dacron wrapped foamfor maximum comfort. You can also choose the fabric pattern which suitsyour tastes and requirements.


For people who love style and comfort, the Aintree range is a fantasticoptions for individuals and families alike. The rattan has been individuallywoven and reinforced with a Pirelli webbed base to give extra strength andsupport.The design of the Aintree range is particularly attractive and has abeautiful curved aesthetic. Not only is this pleasing to the eye, but it’s alsoincredibly ergonomic and comfortable to relax on.Like our other ranges too, the Aintree range comes in a variety offabrics and styles to suit everyone’s tastes.

Corsica Lounge

Corsica Lounge Banner - Desser

The Corsica Lounge series is a variation ofthe Corsica range, but withan added difference. It comes with the option of a lounge suite; a fantasticoption for people who like to relax and stretch out after a long day.The colour scheme is neutral and will complement a variety of stylesand decor palettes. The furniture itself is also made a tightly woven wickerand comes with cushioned back seats.In addition to this, it’s also incredibly comfortable. The seats have agentle curve and the range even comes with its own swivel chair.


Darwen Banner - Desser

The Darwen is one of our most distinctive suites, it is a striking piecewhich will really add a touch of class to any room. You can relax in stylewith the Darwen, it’s slightly retro feel and carefully woven rattan panels,combined with its sweeping triple arms make this one of our most popularsuites.

The reflex foam base cushions and fibre-filled back cushionsadd unrivalled comfort, the Darwen looks amazing in living rooms,conservatories or lounges. You can even add scatter cushions if you wish,they give it an even better appearance.


Dijon Banner - Desser

The Dijon is a stylish piece yet is of a minimalistic design, its modernsimplicity is perfect for those who are after something that little bitdifferent. The fully removable cushions make dry cleaning of this piecevery easy, like many of our suites the Dijon comes with foam-filled basecushions and fibre-filled back cushions.You can really sink into the Dijon, it’s classic core rattan weave andsmooth arched arms are understated but are not lacking in class.


Lugano Banner - Desser

The Lugano is an utterly timeless piece which is available in a beautifulnatural wash. The solid cane frame has been intricately worked to provideyou with an absolutely stunning sofa set. It also has removable covers alongwith fibre-filled back cushions.

The comfort comes from the foam-filled base cushions which givethe Lugano a soft feel which you can really sit back and relax into. Thesweeping triple can arms create an attractive finish, you can choose fromyour preferred upholstery from our fabric collection.If you want any more information about the Lugano, contact us now fora friendly chat.


Melrose Banner - Desser

The Melrose is ideal for anyone who is after stunning rattan furniturefor their home. This piece looks equally as good in the conservatory as itdoes in the living room and its intricately woven design is complementedbrilliantly by it’s curvaceous armrests. The Dacron wrapped base cushionscome as standard whilst there are removable back cushions.

The Melrose comes with optional scatter cushions, contact us now ifyou would like to find out more about our Melrose suite.


Milan Banner - Desser

What can we say about the Milan, it is truly a stunning exampleof Desser craftsmanship. Milan is a sophisticated cane suite which hassweeping laminated arms and the softest cushions out there, allowing youto really sit back and relax in proper style.

The Milan is sure to last a lifetime, its high quality glossed platedbanana leaf base and dacron wrapped cane furniture cushions are exquisite.Any home would be improved by the inclusion of the Milan, you canalso pick from our full range of fabrics to get the ideal design to suit yourhome.


Morley Banner - Desser

The Morley range has a slightly retro feel while still being a completelyup to date suite. The solid craft work and intricately designed frame are madeof lovely spirals and circles. The double sweeping arms hold everythingtogether brilliantly – it is a solid cane piece which really showcases thetalent of our master craftsmen here at Desser.It is easy to clean the Morley as all the cushion covers are fullyremovable, you can even select your preferred fabric from our full range.

Oslo Natural

Oslo Natural Banner - Desser

Rattan and cane are united to great effect in the Oslo suite, its wovenpanels delicately and intricately cross one another. The sturdy base isideally complimented with the plush and comfy foam filled cushions.Like many of our ranges, the cushions are fully removable, this makesregular dry cleaning very easy. Also be sure to take a look at our range ofscatter cushions which are available as additional extras. With the OsloNatural, you have the choice of our natural and walnut base finishes,although both look stunning in any room of the house.


The Rio is the original suite from Desser, it comes with an interestingrattan design and features superbly smooth cane armrests and a wovenrattan base. The lightweight feel isn’t too bulky which makes the Rio perfectfor any room in the home – the lovely natural finish is a favourite of many ofour customers and has been one of our best selling suits since we began inour industry many years ago.


Santiago Banner - Desser

The Santiago is a fantastic choice for any room in the home, its deep,regal brown finish give it a masculine edge whilst the interlocking rattanbase adds a touch of femininity. This juxtaposition makes the Santiago agreat choice for anyone, you can select your preferred upholstery room ourextensive catalogue.Contact us now for any more information on our Santiago range.


Sofia Banner - Desser

If you are after something a little more regal from your rattan furniture,you should choose our Sofia suite. It’s plush cushions and curved armrests,along with its stylish coffee table and armrests are perfect for any style ofconservatory. You have the option to choose additional scatter cushions andare able to choose from our full range of fabrics.


Vale Banner - Desser

A country-style rattan suite which is elegant whilst also being a stylishcontemporary piece. The lovely Vale suite has a natural wash finish can be accompaniedwith scatter cushions if you wish, the set which is comprised of sweepingcane arms, lattice sides and a wonderful woven base looks fantastic in anyroom, including conservatories or living rooms.


Windsor Banner - Desser

This elegant upright Windsor sofa is married with a beautiful yet sturdy basewhich is made entirely from woven rattan core. The carefully arched armsadd to its elegant nature while the plush cushions offer absolute luxury. Youcan choose from our full range of fabrics to get the perfect piece for yourhome.

Desser and your home

Get in touch with a member of the Desser team today to enquire aboutthe perfect rattan suite or rattan conservatory furniture piece for yourhome. You can pop into our showroom in Manchester or give us a call on 0161 832 2004 to find out everything you need to know about our stunningconservatory furniture sets, or you can visit our blog to read some of our conservatory furniture ideas.