Wicker Furniture Buying Guide

At Desser, we are expert providers of the highest quality wicker and rattan furniture. From our home in Manchester, we have supplied plenty of satisfied customers with durable, stylish and fabulous looking furniture which looks good around the house, in the conservatory and even in the garden. As specialists in our field, we are able to lend our expertise to all of our customers that are looking for seating solutions which are not only practical, but that also look good as a bonus.

When you’re relaxing in the garden, wicker furniture can look fabulous, but how do you know you are choosing designs which will complement the surrounding environment, including the colours of your garden and the way your house looks? Wicker furniture is not only popular for the garden, but many people choose it for inside their homes. As a matter of fact, it works great in any room in a home, which means it is a versatile option.

So versatile is wicker, that it works extremely well with contemporary or even traditional gardens. It’s also very easy to care for, and when you shop with Desser, you can ensure that it will prove to be robust and durable, meaning it will last for a long time.

Wicker Light Couch Zoom - Desser

What is wicker?

Wicker is a woven fibre, and can be made using synthetic or organic materials. For garden furniture, it is usually the synthetic option that is used because it’s weatherproof and is much more hard working. It’s also possible to have it UV stabilised, protecting it from cracking or snapping when it becomes exposed to the sun. This sort of protection is known as all-weather wicker, or all-weather rattan.

Organic wicker is also strong and durable, but is much better used inside the home, perhaps in a garden room or conservatory. Unless you are willing to carry it through the house into the garden, every time that you want to sit outside in the sun, or just enjoy an evening out back, transportation can be done with at least two people. Left outside, wicker can develop mould in damp conditions and might even become brittle in the heat of the sun – at Desser we do provide a number of aftercare products and will always be able to help you with any questions you have.

Synthetic wicker furniture is made all around the world in various different qualities and styles. Indonesia has been well-known for a long time for producing top quality synthetic wicker, while Vietnamese wicker is also of a good quality. Again, please get in contact to find out more information about our lines of wicker furniture, and to find out which part of the world we source it from.

Choose wicker that suits your space

Wicker furniture can allow you to transform your garden or inside living space into something that looks and feels completely different, improving your ability to relax and providing a suitable seating solution for a number of different situations. Wicker creates a fabulous setting for almost any occasion; you could create a living room style setting outside, on the patio, terrace, deck or lawn. This allows the family to sit together, enjoying long, relaxed evening meals – utilising your beautiful wicker furniture.

Our dining chairs have supportive backs and deep, comfortable cushions, whilst the equally comforting armrests make mealtimes more enjoyable and relaxing. At Desser, you can choose from a number of contemporary curvaceous wicker designs – all of our furniture is generous with seating space and armrests, letting you sit down comfortably but also allowing your space to feel free and properly relaxing to stretch out.

How to choose the best wicker furniture

All types of wicker furniture are not the same, there are plenty of differences between different lines and styles and it is important to understand what they are, no matter how subtle or how big those differences actually are.

You always need to consider the type of wicker you want as you are able to buy both flat and round types. Round wicker is more durable and robust whilst flat wicker is more likely to fade or maybe even snap. If you’re not sure about what you want, don’t hesitate to ask us.

It’s important to make sure that your wicker is UV stabilised so that it will last a long time. Make sure to look at the cushions, making sure that they are well-filled so you will be comfortable for longer, and as long as you would be on standard indoor furniture. Also make sure that the cushions are UV stabilised so that they maintain their good looks, especially when subjected to sunlight which can make patterns fade.


Wicker furniture is very easy to look after if you keep on top of it. All you need to do is simply hose down artificial wicker when you want to clean it, or you could just use warm soapy water. Never leave cushions outside, and this is especially true during bad weather or during the winter months.

We are experts in both rattan and wicker furniture, and for nearly a century we have been hand crafting some of the finest conservatory furniture in the world. Our reputation is now of one of Britain’s leading conservatory manufacturers – meaning you can guarantee that you’ll be getting high quality furniture, whichever one of our ranges you choose.

Unlike other companies in our industry, we have been going a long time, we are a proud, family run business who have been working together for generations and we utilise this experience when providing our high quality wicker furniture products. If you are looking for wicker furniture for your garden, conservatory or any other room in the home, Desser can certainly provide you with a number of quality ranges which means that you’ll not only be able to make a good choice, but it will be an informed choice, especially after conferring closely with our team.

If you would like to find out anything whatsoever about our rattan ranges, or would like some advice about which range would be right for your home, get in touch today. You can speak to us on the phone by calling us on0161 834 1795or alternatively, drop us an email atinfo@desser.co.uk

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