Rattan Furniture Buying Guide

Elegant and light, Rattan furniture is a splendid choice for furnishing any conservatory or outdoor space. Wicker garden furniture and conservatory furniture can come in various shapes and sizes to perfectly compliment your space and needs. At Desser, we’ve been selling the finest Rattan furniture since 1919; we’re not any old conservatory furniture sale. With over 90 years of experience, we’re a family run specialised business, providing the finest in cane furniture. With so much choice available for designs and styles, Desser offer a fantastic range of Woven furniture from all around the world.

As we’ve talked about before, knowing how to care for your Rattan furnishing will give you many more years of enjoyment from your high quality Rattan weaved chairs, coffee tables and sofas. Here we’ll be giving you a guide to buying your perfect conservatory furnishings. Knowing what sort of sets, single items and type of furniture you want before going to a Desser store room will help you find the perfect pieces. If you have any more questions, or want to ask about stock we’re on hand and ready to serve your every need.

Let’s take a look at things to consider when purchasing Rattan furniture:

Rattan Cream Couch Set - Desser

Furniture to Suit your space

When thinking of what furniture to buy, you need to start by considering where you’re buying it for. How much space do you have available? Are you planning on placing the items in a conservatory or using them outdoors? This is a big question as it will affect everything from the materials you’re using to the weave and frame density. Desser stock both a large range of indoor and conservatory furniture and outdoor sets, recently releasing our bliss range. This was new for January 2014 and offers durable and sturdy outdoor furnishings with that unmistake rattan elegance.

Items of furniture

With a space and area decided, the next step to buying is to consider what type of chairs, sofas and coffee tables to wish to use. For a large space, there are sofas and corner pieces available to seat anywhere from two to six people, and armchairs to lie back and relax in the comfort of your own home. Stools are also available to complete a set and welcome extra guests to come and admire your new purchases. Our coffee tables come in wide variety of styles, from glass topped to wicker surface. We also offer a stone top effect, with a good range of styles to view we can offer the perfect coffee table for whatever purpose. A coffee table gives you a great centre for social gatherings, a place to rest your book, or just somewhere to enjoy a hot drink.

Rattan Dark Zoom Arm - Desser


Generally speaking, outdoor furniture is usually made from a PVC or high density polyethylene, whilst indoor is from more organic rattan cane. This is due to the demands of furniture to have protection from the elements, and gives the furniture a longer lifespan. Indoor rattan woven furniture can be used outdoors, but to give it the best quality of care and gain the best from it keeping it inside or in a conservatory most appropriate. All our furniture has an authentic rattan finish, providing you with the high standard our customers have come to expect from Desser.


The higher density a weave the more sturdy and long lasting the furniture. Be sure to check when buying furniture that the density of weave provides the desired strength of product. All our weaving is done by hand and made by artisan craftsman with every care taken to the quality that we proudly offer at our stores. Be sure to look at the various different patterns of weave and colours to choose a piece that will make your room or garden shine with comfortable bliss.

Quality Frames

Often, a metal frame may be used as a means of supporting the wicker weave. With most of our rattan furniture this is not included – the strength and durability provided from our choice of quality materials means that the pieces we offer require very little upkeep – unlike most wooden furnishings you needn’t regularly oil wicker furniture. It is a low maintenance option for visually striking and distinctive items. With outdoor furniture, be sure to check the material that the frames are made of. Cheaper wicker companies may use a metal that is likely to rust a short time after purchasing. This is not the case when purchasing with Desser, using only stainless steel in our bliss range, providing you with many years of great quality outdoor relaxation.

Furniture upholstery

As with all furniture, comfort is paramount to the experience of owning and using Rattan furniture. Our products offer an exhaustive selective of upholstery – from removable and machine washable cushions and covers to specially fitted and hand sewn upholstery. Want to enjoy the feel of the wicker? That’s available too. When looking at our wide range of products consider what purpose its being used for and decide upon that. This will give you the best idea of what to look for when buying rattan furniture.

With so many decisions and options when looking at buying rattan furniture it is reassuring to know that you can trust to receive sound and sage advice from our Desser employees and stockists around the country. We’re a fourth-generation family run business, and experts in the country when choosing high quality fine woven furnishings. Even if you’re not sure what you want right now, a visit to our showroom with our friendly and informative staff will ensure that you make the best decision when looking for conservatory or outdoor furnishings.

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