Wood-Top Lamp Table

About The Range

This wood-top table usually comes with our matching Camden suite, however can be purchased on their own to match any matching coloured suite.

The perfect accessory to add to the side of your room.

The Natural-Wash table can accompany suites Arlington, Burford, Clifton, Corsica, Dijon, Hartford, Harlow, Opera ad Stamford.

The Light-Oak table can accompany suites Camden, Hudson, Madrid Light Oak, Manila, Opera Light Oak, Oslo Light Oak, Seville and Viola.

Available in Natural Wash and Light Oak colours.

If you want more information about the Wood-Top Tables, or you have any further questions about anything, simply contact Desser on 0161 834 1795

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Finishes & Extras

Available in Natural Wash and Light Oak colours.



There are no fabrics available for this product.


Item Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D
Natural Wash Lamp Table£145.00
Light Oak Lamp Table£145.00