Windsor Indoor Range

About The Range

Sturdy, regal and quintessentially British, the Windsor suite is synonymous with the castle located in its namesake, and offers a sturdy foundation upon which the finest quality is built. This well-loved landmark of the Desser range and gives owners a lightweight versatile range of rattan furniture, designed for with space efficiency in mind so that even the smallest conservatories bask in the glory of Windsor.

A solid cane structure and authentic rattan weave panels provide a strong and stylish unity fit for a Queen, with a natural wash breathing new life into any room or conservatory. Double banded armrests give extra support and comfort, and the upright back will ensure that this furniture is deserving of it’s royal name.

With the large range of Desser fabrics and patterns, you can choose the perfect decor to suit your room. The upholstery on this range is of the highest quality that you’d expect from such a well loved company, and comes with fibre filled back cushions and a reflex foam base. The latter is covered in signature dacron for greater support and protection.


3 PIECE SUITE (sofa & 2 chairs):

A: £825  B: £865  C: £900  D: £975

Armchair & Cushion:

A: £225  B: £230  C: £240  D: £260

2 Seater Sofa & Cushion:

A: £380  B: £400  C: £415  D: £455

Footstool & Cushion:

A: £115  B: £115  C: £120  D: £130

Coffee Table & Glass: £115 

Lamp Table & Glass: £105 

If you have more questions about the Windsor suite, or any of our other suites, call us on 0161 834 1795 or get in touch online.

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Finishes & Extras



Grade A Fabrics

Grade B Fabrics

Grade C Fabrics

Grade D Fabrics


Item Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D
2 Seater Suite (2 Seater Sofa & 2 Chairs) £1,260.00 £1,320.00 £1,380.00 £1,495.00
Armchair & Cushion £340.00 £355.00 £370.00 £400.00
2 Seater Sofa & Cushion £580.00 £610.00 £640.00 £695.00
Footstool & Cushion £175.00 £180.00 £185.00 £200.00
Coffee Table & Clear Glass £180.00
Lamp Table & Clear Glass £160.00