Oslo Walnut Indoor Range

About The Range

With all the charm and subtlety of the city it’s named after, the Oslo Walnut suite brings a marriage between both rattan weave and solid cane, providing elegance and grace with a long lasting build. The delicate rattan panels lay alongside the criss-cross frame giving a sleek look.

Not only is there 3 choices of washes for the quality frames, but the base cushions are available in a whole range of colours, able to match any interior decor. Whether you’re after patterns or block colours, all of our fabrics are easily removed for simple dry cleaning and cover our high quality foam filled base cushions and fibre filled back. This upholstery comes wrapped is Desser’s signature DACRON, providing far greater durability and protection against spills.


3 PIECE SUITE (sofa & 2 chairs):

A: £820  B: £860  C: £900  D: £965

Armchair & Cushion:

A: £225  B: £235  C: £245  D: £260

2 Seater Sofa & Cushion:

A: £370  B: £390  C: £410  D: £445

Footstool & Cushion:

A: £100  B: £105  C: £110  D: £120

Coffee Table & Glass: £100 

Lamp Table & Glass: £85 

If you have any more questions about the Oslo Walnut suite, or any of our other suites, phone us on 0161 834 1795 or contact us here.

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Finishes & Extras



Grade A Fabrics

Grade B Fabrics

Grade C Fabrics

Grade D Fabrics


Item Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D
2 Seater Suite (2 Seater Sofa & 2 Chairs) £1,035.00 £1,090.00 £1,035.00 £1,265.00
Armchair & Cushion £280.00 £295.00 £310.00 £340.00
2 Seater Sofa & Cushion £470.00 £500.00 £530.00 £585.00
Footstool & Cushion £155.00 £160.00 £165.00 £185.00
Coffee Table & Bronze Glass £150.00
Lamp Table & Bronze Glass £130.00