Natural Deluxe Swivel Rocker

The stresses of the working day can affect all of us, leaving us wanting to go home and simply sit back. Excessive fatigue can become harmful, meaning that you require a piece of furniture that will leave you feeling relaxed. The Natural Deluxe Swivel Rocker Chair can do exactly that.

As this chair can both swivel and rock, it allows you to unravel at the end of the day easily, or even before you start work. For those that like to stretch, the swivel feature allows you to do just that. As with all of our products, the Natural Deluxe Swivel Rocker is made to the highest standards.

The chair has been purposely designed to be smooth on its legs, arms and back, providing it with a luxuriously silky texture. You are able to rock at your own leisure, something that has a number of health benefits. For those that suffer from arthritis and chronic back pain this can be an invaluable piece of furniture.

Cushions Handmade in the UK
Handmade Sustainable Rattan Frames
12 Months Warranty
30+ Fabrics to choose from


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Item Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D
Natural Deluxe Swivel Rocker £495 £520 £530 £585

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30+ Fabric Choices

Customise your suite to suite your style with our range of 30+ Fabrics

UK manufactured cushions

Made to order in our UK Warehouse

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