Light Oak Laminated Swivel Rocker

After a busy and exhausting day at work, the last thing you want is to try to relax on inappropriate or uncomfortable furniture it can even be damaging to your health. Be sure to utilise a seat you can lie back in and forget about the stresses of the day. This Madrid Light Oak Swivel Rocker matches the Madrid suite but can be added to any Light Oak framed set.

What makes this chair unique is that it can both rock and swivel, something other furniture items aren’t able to do. It’s perfect for those that like to lie back and the swivel gives you the ability to do that. Time and effort has been invested into ensuring this seat has been made to the highest quality.

Through the design process the legs, arms and back have been smoothed down, ensuring that there aren’t any sharp edges to worry about. You have the benefit of being able to rock the chair when the mood takes you, something that can improve the relaxation experience. There are also a number of health benefits such as helping those with chronic back pain and arthritis.

Cushions Handmade in the UK
Handmade Sustainable Rattan Frames
12 Months Warranty
30+ Fabrics to choose from


RRP Prices:
Item Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D
Light Oak Laminated Swivel Rocker £520 £540 £550 £610

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