Corsica Indoor Range

About The Range

For many looking to enjoy the luxury and comfort of rattan furniture, space can be an issue. The Corsica modular suite allows you to create a bespoke furniture suite, able to fit any conservatory or living pace whilst still offering the Desser quality you know and love. Coming in a range of combinable shapes, you can have a constantly changing furniture laid out with the simple additions of rattan core weave sections.

Not only does this suite fit to your personal requirements, but it provides the comfort and design associated with Desser. Each section comes with base and back cushions, available in a wide range of high quality fabrics, and wrapped in our signature Dacron. This provides a higher density and extra protection, giving superior comfort and practicality to other upholstery.

Here are the types of furniture available in this highly customisable range:

Corner Piece
Central Piece
Left Arm Piece
Right Arm Piece
Coffee Table
Lamp Table

This wide selection will allow you to have a specifically designed rattan suite without compromising on style. With the timeless delicate rattan weave, you’re given a sturdy yet elegant build with a natural wash, as well as rounded feet, that bring a light appearance to any room.

If you have any questions about our Corsica suite, or any of our other suites, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 0161 834 1795 or click on our ‘contact us’ page.

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Finishes & Extras

Natural weave for this suite. All modules fit together, so you can buy an additional module separately to customise the size of your own modular suite.



Grade A Fabrics

Grade B Fabrics

Grade C Fabrics

Grade D Fabrics


Item Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D
4 Piece Modular Set & Cushion £2,190.00 £2,245.00 £2,300.00 £2,475.00
3 Piece Modular Set & Cushion £1,805.00 £1,860.00 £1,910.00 £2,080.00
End Modular & Cushion £520.00 £535.00 £550.00 £600.00
Corner Modular & Cushion £765.00 £790.00 £810.00 £880.00
Additional Modular & Cushion £385.00 £385.00 £390.00 £395.00
Lyon Swivel Chair & Cushion £625.00 £655.00 £685.00 £740.00