Camden Indoor Range

Our Camden range adds a 1970s retro feel to our range. The curved shape of the suite gives an almost cocooning feeling when you sit down, with the finely woven wicker design being complemented by the quirky legs. The matching wooden table, with its clever dual drawer storage, is uber-cool and guarantees that your new suite will be the talk of the town!

The Quallofil fibre that is used in the cushions on this suite provides a softer look and feel than other fillings, making for a more comfortable sit. It also gives a less rigid finish than a foam cushion, helping your suite to look more inviting!

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3 Seater Sofa
2 Seater Sofa
Coffee Table
Lamp Table

Cushions Handmade in the UK
Handmade Sustainable Rattan Frames
12 Months Warranty
30+ Fabrics to choose from

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RRP Prices:
Item Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D
3 seater Suite (Large Sofa & 2 Chairs) £1,960 £2,010 £2,065 £2,215
2 seater Suite (2 seater Sofa & 2 Chairs) £1,730 £1,780 £1,835 £1,955
Large 3 Seater Sofa £990 £1,020 £1,045 £1,135
Standard 2 Seater Sofa £760 £790 £815 £875
Armchair £485 £495 £510 £540
Deluxe Swivel Rocker £495 £520 £530 £585
Footstool £245 £225 £260 £275
Item RRP
Lamp Table £145
Coffee Table £270
Woven Adjustable Table £345

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3 Seater Sofa, 2 Seater Sofa, Chair, Coffee Table, Lamp Table, Adjustable Woven Table, Deluxe Swivel Chair, Lamination Swivel Chair

30+ Fabric Choices

Customise your suite to suite your style with our range of 30+ Fabrics

UK manufactured cushions

Made to order in our UK Warehouse