How to Pick the Perfect Living Room Occasional Armchair

How to Pick the Perfect Living Room Occasional Armchair

Desser Occasional Cane Chair

After a stressful day at the office or looking after the little ones, there’s nothing better than the feeling of sinking into a snug armchair. Whether you’re a fan of contemporary pieces or have a more traditional taste, there are different chairs that will suit both your personality and space. Separate to your sofa suites, armchairs are typically a long-lasting investment so it there should be a few things you consider before you buy. Here’s what you need to think about…

Choose Your Fabric Carefully 

Desser Occasional Cane Chair

With some tender loving and care, your armchair should stick with you for years to come, however, the fabric will ultimately be the decision maker as to how long it lasts for. That’s why it’s crucial that you pick a fabric that’s right for your lifestyle. Whether you have kids or dogs, as well as your chair looking good, it, more importantly, needs to be practical for the environment it’s in so you need to pick your fabric based on this. If it’s more of a traditional or formal room you’re creating, matching a pattern elsewhere with your armchairs fabric works well. Whether it’s matching the armchairs with opposing cushion patterns or curtains it helps avoid a clash, making the room feel calm.

Think About the Flow

When picking an occasional armchair shape, remember to consider the windows, doors and other furniture pieces in the room to maintain a friendly balance in the room. Armchairs don’t have to be blocky and solid, so if you don’t have room for big pieces, look at lighter options. Our occasional cane chairs here at Desser effortlessly suit secondary seating rooms as their rattan frames encourage light to flood through them whilst still offering additional, comfortable seating when required in a larger setup. 

Don’t Stick to The Rules 

If you’re investing in more than just one armchair then doesn’t stick to the norms! Get inventive and mix and match. The best thing about singular seating is that it works so well with other furniture pieces and can coexist with ease. The styling tip is to opt for two wonderfully crafted chairs and give them room to make their own statement within the room. In a minimalist space or room with size, two contrasting armchairs can really draw the eye when guest enter the room.

Show Off with A Statement

Desser Rattan Henley Chair

Make an instant impact in a room by picking a statement armchair. This hard-hitting Henley Chair stands out for its unique and throwback design. When you pick your statement piece, try not to be swayed by the latest top pick and instead look for a piece that you’ll love for years to come.

Consider What You Have Already

As you’ll know, occasional armchairs are the after piece and are rarely the first piece of furniture that is picked for a room. With that in mind, you need to consider what you already have and take into account the style or colours of your existing pieces. Getting the mood right is vital as you want to create a friendly and relaxing atmosphere that seamlessly blends your space together.



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