Perfect Your Décor with Patterns

Patterns are a wonderful thing and they can immediately brighten any room or interior décor. It allows you to add character to any space and with the wide range of amazing patterned fabrics we have available, we’ve put together this list for inspiration.

Match Your Furniture to Your Rug 

A brilliant way to create a scheme for your room is to use a patterned rug as your foundation. Pick out the key colours from the piece and then work your fabrics around it. Chose from our fabrics to ensure that the designs offer a similar tone and theme. You can emphasis those accent colours in your room or you can add harmony by picking out those subtle elements of colour. It is also worthwhile in a patterned room to keep the curtains or blinds to a plain colour to soften the look and remove the risk of too much contrast occurring.

Make That StatementArlington Lifestyle Couch with flowered pattern

A clever way to show off your patterns is to choose statement piece that offers a strong design. Take the Arlington shown here, for example, the bold paisley esk’ print on the suite creates a defining and show-stopping aesthetic. Mix that with some picturesque artwork or soft cushions that complement the pattern and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. It works so well because the colours thrive together, and the plain but strong accessories add harmony to the look.

In Fuse Some Natural Elements into The Theme

If you’re someone who has a passion for all things colour why not give your living room or conservatory a boost of pattern with a simple bunch of flowers. You can especially use our unique grade A and D fabrics to match the petal colour to your suite or cushions. This is an easy way you can introduce bright shades to work well with the more delicate colours on the wall and curtains behind.

Incorporate Accessories

Dessers Stamford Cameo Shot of a pattern rattan suite with a draped rug Patterns can be layered in many ways, and not just by fabrics or wallpaper. Here, the simple addition of the plain throw over the patterned Stamford range  adds, even more, interest to this piece and elegant room. Rugs, planters and vases are also a great way to add some extra bits of pattern to the space. They are all simple additions that can be easily added or switch in and out when you want to go for a new look.  
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