New Ways To Decorate Your Conservatory With Plants

New Ways To Decorate Your Conservatory With Plants

Wooden hanging basket with rope

Decorating your conservatory can be great fun when spring is just around the corner, as there are lots of opportunities to embrace the new trends of the year. So, brighten up the space by covering your contemporary conservatory with fabulous houseplants. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to display them, then take a look at our guide of new ways to decorate your conservatory with plants:


Individual Shelving

By putting your houseplants on shelves, you’re almost turning them into ornaments in their own right. Browse your local gardening centre for some stylish pots that will also blend in well with your conservatory décor. Then, find some modern ‘L’ shaped shelves that are going to add another design element to the space. Arrange them however you see fit, but it’s most likely you’ll need to have them hung on the wall joining your main house to the conservatory as this will provide the best support!

Picture frames, plants on shelves and conservatory decor

Ring Plant Holder

For an alternative to traditional wooden shelves, you may want to try a ring plant holder to fill your conservatory with plants. You can get hold of a metal plant ring from most DIY stores or garden centres. Then, all you need to do is find a pot that fits perfectly inside. Once it’s hung on the wall, it will appear as if it’s floating away from the wall, a beautiful illusion.

Woman potting plants

Wooden Bowl Hanging Basket

No doubt you’ve got lots of hanging baskets around your garden, particularly as we start to enter spring. However, they’re not always super practical in a conservatory. A wooden bowl hanging basket is an amazing solution. It’s best to plant succulents or cacti in these types of planters as there’s very little drainage.  

Wooden hanging basket with rope

Glass Pot Succulents

You may have seen them in interior design magazines as the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom or kitchen décor, but glass pots also work well in a conservatory. These circular shaped pots have an opening for you to create your own miniature succulent garden. You can dot them around the conservatory on tables and shelving or attach them to some sturdy string and have them as hanging baskets.

Succulents in glass terrarium bowl

Indoor Vertical Garden

Decorate your conservatory with plants the modern way – with a vertical garden, of course. Typically, you’ll find vertical gardens outdoors in gardens with very little floorspace. However, there’s no reason why they can’t be brought indoors to transform the way you display houseplants in your conservatory. Invest in a pre-built structure or make your own out of shelving or recycled furniture.

plants in ceramic pots on shelf

Decorate Your Conservatory With Plants For Spring

We’re already starting to see daffodils which can only mean one thing, spring is well and truly under way! It’s the perfect time to de-clutter and redecorate your home in time to welcome in the warmer weather.

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