How to Make the Most of Your Garden During Winter

How to Make the Most of Your Garden During Winter

A picture of dying flowers on a grey background, with snow dusting the top of flower to depict winter.

A picture of dying flowers on a grey background, with snow dusting the top of flower to depict winter.

Winter isn’t the best time of year for your garden or it’s various pieces of outdoor furniture. The cold winter makes many people retreat indoors, leaving both neglected over the long winter months. But why should that be the case? Rather than forgetting that your garden exists, what can you do to make the most of the space in the winter months?


The weather may be colder but – barring the occasional storm – the skies are never clearer. Meaning that you can enjoy some quality stargazing during the winter months. Uncover your rattan furniture and lie back for the best views of the night sky, just be sure to wrap up well beforehand!



Robins, hedgehogs and even the occasional dormice. The wildlife in your garden over the winter months will be much less than in summer and spring, as the animals also choose to retreat to warmer boroughs and hideaways. However, though you may see them less it does not mean they will not be there.

The fact is, lots of small critters and animals will also be languishing in the less vibrant surroundings of your garden over the winter months. Which means that anything you can do for them you should, as many will not make it through the long winter months. So, what can you do? Simple things can really make a difference:

  • Leave areas of leaves and overgrown patches untouched, as many animals will be able to burrow in these or take them for extra warmth.
  • Put out bird feeders for feathered garden life.
  • For mammals, put out cat food and other similar meat to keep foxes, badgers and hedgehogs happy.
  • If your pond freezes over, be sure to break the ice, otherwise pond life will struggle to breathe.
  • Provide fresh water daily and replace anything that becomes frozen.

Overall, winter can make your garden seem less vibrant but helping wildlife to flourish in the colder months can bring this feeling back.

Plan Your Spring Growth

Making a start on your spring and summer growth plans during the end of the year is essential, as it gives you time to prepare the garden for it’s most bountiful time of year. Which is why though your garden may look at its most uninhabitable, you could actually be in the space more than ever. From resoiling important areas of your garden to planting spring bulbs, there are a lot of important tasks for you to spend your winter making the most of.



Just because snow dusts the grass it doesn’t mean that your barbecue should also be suffering the same fate. To make sure that outdoor gatherings happen year round, no matter the chill, invest in a fire pit or other types of outdoor heating. This way you can guarantee that your guests are toasty warm, as well as make the garden that much more usable year round.

A fire pit can be an inexpensive option for garden heating, as you could even build it yourself using a number of rudimentary supplies. But despite its simplicity, it can create a social hub in the space that makes your garden perfect no matter the temperature.


If you need seating to make your winter garden as comfortable as possible, then don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form or talk to a member of the team here at Desser & Co on 0161 834 1795 for expert advice.

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