How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

For many of us, we have a wonderfully sized outdoor space but we often don’t fulfil its potential in terms of what we do with it. Frequently, we can find ourselves using the basic patio dining table and chairs – which are certainly a good choice – but there are certainly better ways to manage your outdoor space to make it a more desirable space to spend some time and relax in.

Get Some Comfortable Sofas

Desser's 3 piece Olympia range on a garden patio A great way for you to utilise your outdoor space is by getting some outdoor furniture that is just as comfortable as the one you have indoors. This makes your outdoor space an area which is more welcoming and somewhere you can use to entertain guests or simply relax with a good book and warm drink. Add a wood-lit furnace too and you can have some perfectly cosy evenings spent by the fire.

Add Some Colour

When it comes to indoor designs, a number of people choose to go for colour themes that are brighter and more extravagant. However, when it comes to their garden it is surprising to see any furniture or appliances that aren’t brown, beige or black. Giving your fences or furniture a lick of paint can go a long way in making sure that you are making the most of how creative you get with your garden.


A home garden lighting design

One of the factors about the outdoors has always been that when it gets dark, it signals the end of the fun and you have to return indoors. However, if you make sure your outdoor space is illuminated, you can still enjoy your garden even when the sun goes down! There are a couple of ways you can do this, one way is to use landscape lighting around the edges of your patio or walkway. Another way to do this is by hanging fairy lights around the edges of your house or around any trees to create an enchanting tone.

Sustainable Features

A delightful aspect of an outdoor space is how you can use it as a way to nurture mother nature! In 2016, there are now a huge number of ways to be more sustainable – and there are now a number of ways to use your outdoor space to do so. One of the more popular and common ways is to have solar panels fitted which can be used to power some of the electrical goods in your home. Another option is to use rainwater collectors which can be added around the edges of walls to recycle the water and be used again for your home as the water when you flush your toilet – this really is one of the most useful ways to make the most of your outdoor space.