Interior Design: Trends for 2014

The new year brings new trends. Out goes all the white kitchens, books as decor and ikat prints of 2013, and we make way for the fresh new decors of 2014 – but what will they be?  Here are a few of the latest predictions of interior design trends for 2014:



Deep turquoise is expected to be the colour of 2014, dominating living rooms and kitchens. Blues and greens have been around for years, it’s about time they combined.

Acrylic furniture6

The lightweight and fashionable furniture are making a comeback. The clear look gives it a contemporary feel and allows it to go with anything, in any environment and any room you desire. From clear cheers to cool and stylish cocktail tables, acrylic furniture is already making a new segment for itself.

Very dark walls

Dark walls are becoming popular. To many people they can be scary as they believe they will make the room look small and dark. However, if you decorate it properly, this is not the case. If you decorate it in the right way, it can look great in any room. Adding metallic features such as mirrors, lights or silver accessories will add light to even the darkest rooms.

Corduroy Upholstery

Corduroy isn’t just for the pants of elderly gentlemen, it also looks great in your home on your furniture. It’s said to be the new alternative to velvet and chenille.

For all these new trends to gain popularity in 2014, old trends have to give way. Here are a few trends we believe will not be seen again for a while:



All white kitchens

With kitchens constantly modernising year after year, it is finally time for the all white kitchens to give way, the cold, stark and boring kitchens have been rapidly losing popularity with homeowners over the past couple of years.

Books as décor

The old books as decor trend is long out of date; it may suit old historic homes but keep it as far away as possible from contemporary homes. Read the books, don’t stick them on your wall.

Ikat prints

Ikat print became popular within kitchens, it was commonly used as print ion kitchen towels. Now you can find it on paper plates, it is time to stay away from the Ikat print.

What do you think of this blog? Can you think of any more interior design trends for 2014? If so, please leave your comments below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock