a row of small potted plants to create a boho conservatory

Interior Design Ideas For A Boho Conservatory

As we head further into the year, it’s time to think about breathing a new lease of life into the area you’re going to be spending a lot of time in – your conservatory! A bohemian theme is bang on trend this year, so why not bring it into your home with your very own boho conservatory design. If you’re stuck for ideas, here’s a look at some of the easiest ways to incorporate a boho theme into your home décor:  

Decorating A Boho Conservatory 


Layered Textures

Nothing says rustic boho conservatory quite like layered textures. Soft feeling rugs combined with delicately woven rattan furniture provides a contrasting look that’s essential to the bohemian theme. Essentially, layer textures wherever you can! Cushions, curtains and throws are some of the easiest ways to bring texture into your home.  

Clash of Colours

Embrace the bohemian way of life by keeping everything a bit rural and raw. There are very few rules when it comes with this style, so have fun with it by choosing a wide and varying colour palette. Of course, you can choose a general palette such as neutral, pastel or bold, but you should then push to the limits within those areas. Don’t be shy to go a little over the top.  

Houseplants Galore

We’ve spoken about houseplants in interior design a lot recently. That’s because it’s a décor idea that will never go away! The woven and wooden furniture that’s quintessential of the bohemian style will go some way into creating your boho conservatory, but luscious green houseplants will be a much-needed finishing touch. Be sure to switch up the placement of the plants by having some hanging, some floor level and some eye level.  

Mix and Match

The boho trend is truly versatile and works well mixed with other interior design ideas if you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. For those who are weary of diving head first into the boho look, try picking out some key elements of the style and incorporating it into your existing conservatory décor. Some minimal furniture paired with an array of boho patterned throws is a fantastic place to start.   

Lighting Choices

Warming, ambient lighting is an excellent way to complete your boho conservatory look. Once it starts to get dark outside, your bright indoor lighting will help your conservatory transform into a comforting haven. Fairy lights, lanterns and floor lamps will all lend to the overall feel.   

Statement Flooring

Typically, the flooring in conservatories is more practical than interior design orientated. Underfloor heating is always a great addition to the home as it encourages you to use the conservatory more in the winter months too. However, a fabulous selection of bohemian rugs can work just as well. Choose wooden or patterned tiled flooring and carefully place a few rugs here and there to create the perfect boho-inspired home.   

Travel Inspiration

If you’re a keen traveller, it’s likely you’ll collect all sorts of souvenirs and trinkets. Don’t keep them hidden away in a cupboard under the stairs, showcase them as pieces of décor in your boho conservatory. Shelving, wooden coffee tables and cute side-tables are all ideal platforms for you to display your finds from your travels.  For more information on any of our conservatory furniture, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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