Inspiring Spaces That Rattan Brings to Life

Inspiring Spaces That Rattan Brings to Life

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As we mentioned last week, the rattan revival is on. What was once regarded as a traditional addition, the recent rattan resurgence has crept into homes by offering a touchable woven texture and a soft wood-like accent to many interiors across the nation. A cost-effective option, take a look at the below tips that will inspire you to inject some rattan into your home.

Luxury in Layers

Rattan Infused With Luxury Layering

A woven rattan addition, whether it’s a subtle headboard or a coffee table, rattan can add a neutral, soft detailing into any room. When you mix this texture with wood, velvet, mirror glass or even linen, it adds a high-end appeal while maintaining a refined contrast in the space.

Choose Classy & Casual

Deck out your dining room, garden or decking with a set of cane chairs for classy cosiness with an informal feel. Whether its accompanying seats or a full rattan dining set, furniture that allows for the gathering of the whole family can’t be beaten. An inviting, casual and friendly place to socialize with everyone is simply what rattan offers so well. The modern-day sets available allow for comfort as well as practicality so you can stay chatting around the table long after the foods gone!


The Eye-Catching Accent

Dijon in Ivory_5239

Make a room pop with a focal piece that packs a punch. The Scandinavian chilled style is a dominant interior design mag tip and by adding some woven rattan furniture into your chic home, it truly doesn’t disappoint. This quirky armchair, sporting a throwback style offers that unique vintage feels which fits perfectly in contrasting or complimentary settings. Paired with a sharp accent colour or fabric, you can draw guests in from the moment they come through the door.


Bring Spaces Together

Arlington Chair Lifestyle

Utilize rattan in the same way as you would add accessories. Rattan is a natural looking, inoffensive material that dials down the sterility of painted surfaces and busy environments. By incorporating a touch of organic softness, simplicity footstools or armchairs add an effortless rustic emphasis that blends any space together. As you can see here, some unused space in a room, is a great place to throw in an intriguing chair that when pair with other striking accessories, creates a welcoming sanctuary in your home.

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