How To Winter Proof Your Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan garden furniture is perfect to use in your garden all year round as it is very durable and hard wearing. Its natural and lightweight look makes it a great addition to any garden. Rattan garden furniture is long lasting, but due to the harsh conditions it endures in winter, here are a few tips on how to winter proof your rattan garden furniture to increase its life: chair-d

Clean rattan furniture regularly

Over summer, your rattan garden furniture will have experienced a lot of use. This may leave dust, dirt and food particles on your furniture. During harsh weather, these particles can grind away at the rattan, ultimately weakening your furniture. It is important that you regularly clean the furniture to improve its life during winter. If it’s taken a bit of a battering then see here how to restore your range to breathe some life back into it.

Remove the cushions

Garden furniture cushions are great during the summer, but by the time winter arrives, they will be sitting there gathering dirt and rain. Although they are made to handle a bit of rain, the harsh conditions of winter could lead to the onset of mould which could damage the cushions. To avoid this, simply store them in a dry place away from the winter elements.

Oil your furniture

By oiling your furniture, it will keep out the dampness which could soften and stretch the rattan fibres. Apply tung oil with a cloth to the rattan when you first put it outside. Reapply each season. desser34

Cover the rattan

Winter will put your rattan garden furniture to the test. However, there may be some winter conditions where your furniture could be taking a battering from the conditions. To avoid this, you can purchase covers to fit each of your furniture pieces. It will cover it from top to bottom and completely protect it from the weather. If you don’t want to buy special covers, you can simply cover it with tarp to which will protect it just as effectively. Keeping your rattan garden furniture clean, sealed, and away from the occasional winter torrential downpour will ensure that your garden furniture stays durable and hardwearing for a long time to come, allowing you use it all year round. This means that it will stay in great condition for use next year. What do you think if this blog? Can you think of any more ways to winter proof your rattan garden furniture. If you’re wondering how to get your hands on one of our ranges please visit our product pages or alternatively get in touch today if there is a range that you want to inquire about! Images courtesy of Shutterstock