How to Update a Conservatory

With so much to offer, it seems a shame that many conservatories can be left feeling dated and tired after a lifetime of use. Though you may do your best to maintain its condition, it’s inevitable that it will start to experience some general wear and tear. Now that we’re edging closer to summer, perhaps it’s time to think about ways to refresh your conservatory. Transform it into a modern space that family and friends can enjoy with these simple tips:  

How to Update a Conservatory

First thing’s first – are you aiming to give the interior a fresh look or are you hoping to completely change the room with some structural changes? If you’ve got an old-fashioned conservatory that needs to be brought into the 21st Century, the latter may be a good option.   

Structural Changes

Conservatories have long been considered an extension of the home. Why not update it with a solid roof structure that flows better with the rest of the house? You could install something more visually striking such as timber rafters. Not only does this look wonderful, but it also makes it feel more natural as part of the transition from your home to the garden.  Additionally, you may wish to replace the windows for some with double-glazing. This will help to retain the heat in the winter. This can also help to regulate the temperature in the summer, ensuring the room gets plenty of use all year-round.  Lastly, the conservatory frame itself may need modernising. When they were first being built, conservatory frames were usually either aluminium or white. However, now homeowners can experiment more with the colours, opting for the likes of forest greens or cool greys.   

Interior Makeover

If you’re focusing more on the interior of space, then there are plenty of design ideas that’ll help you renovate the room. Firstly, conservatories are synonyms with comfy wicker or cane furniture. If your old furniture has seen better days, why not invest in some brand new modern wicker furniture? This will immediately update the space while keeping cosy furniture at the heart of the room’s design. Furthermore, you may wish to replace your old tiled flooring with something a little more inviting. Many homeowners now choose to have wooden flooring in their conservatory to match with the rest of their house. This can be finished with a stylish, fluffy rug to keep it warm underfoot in the winter.  Another tip on how to update your conservatory is to replace your conservatory doors. A small door leading out onto the room doesn’t make it feel as special. Installing wonderful sliding or bi-folding doors can really open up the space. It’ll make the transition from the rest of the home into the conservatory seamless, making the space feel bigger as a result.   

How Will You Update Your Conservatory This Summer?

There are plenty of ways you can completely refresh a lifeless conservatory. So, whether you’re looking to give it a mini-makeover or renovate it from the ground-up, there’s no better time to get started that springtime. Your conservatory is the hub of the house in the summer, so begin preparing it for its busiest period today!   For more information on any of our beautiful wicker furniture sets, please get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to help.   
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