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How To Transform Your Outdoor Space Into A Magical Winter Garden

Winter time brings with it plenty of magic and wonder; particularly as we near towards Christmas. So, what better way to celebrate the changing season than with a magical winter garden? There are plenty of ways you can transform your garden into something spectacular this winter. Here’s our guide with everything you need to know to create the perfect magical winter garden:

1. Gathering Around The Fire

Many people prefer not to spend time in their garden when the weather turns chilly, but for those resourceful among us; there are ways to stay cosy outdoors. A firepit is the perfect addition to your garden during the winter because it brings more opportunities for you to stay outdoors. You can relax perfectly comfortable on your garden furniture while you warm your hands by the firepit with family and friends. You can dig one yourself or invest in a free-standing one from your local garden centre.

2. Plenty Of Outdoor Lighting

Your winter garden wouldn’t be complete without some dazzling lights to set the mood. You can go traditional and drape some lights over trees and bushes or get inventive by wrapping them around tree trunks or pinning them on a fence or wall. When choosing your Christmas lights, pick a variety of colours to create a warming, magical feel. Remember to stick to outdoor lights only, not all lights work well outside so be sure to check the box. fairy lights in winter garden

3. Winter Scents

Winter wouldn’t be the same without the iconic scents that come with it. While the inside of your home smells of spices, cinnamon and the natural aroma from your tree; your garden may be lacking in Christmassy scents. To change this, you can plant flowers specially selected for their beautiful aromas. The best plants for this are witch hazel, daphne and sarcococca. Scatter these around your garden, preferably planting some near your seating and fire pit area to treat your guests to wonderful winter scents.

4. Picking Winter Plants

As well as choosing plants with enticing winter scents, you should also select plants that add some much needed colour to your winter wonderland. Seasonal colour such as white and red work well, especially when combined with classic greenery. Flowers such as helleborus known as the winter rose, snowdrops with their bright white flowers, and red-barked dogwood all look spectacular together to create a wintery scene. Why not add some extra festivity to your garden with a holly tree? Pick a variety that showcases the signature red berries for a traditional Christmas look. snowdrop flowers in garden

5. Attracting Robins And Other Birds

Robins are synonymous with the magic of winter, so it makes sense that you’ll want to do everything you can to entice them into your garden! This means that you should leave out plenty of food and water. Black sunflower seeds and fatty seed balls are always a favourite with Robins. You’ll also attract many other species of birds with your birdfeed, bringing your winter wonderland garden to life.   For more information on the best furniture to complement your cosy winter wonderland, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team who will be happy to help.