How To Style Your Rattan Sofa Set

Your conservatory or living room is typically the main place where you will entertain all of your guests, friends or family, which is why your rattan sofa set needs to look good and be cosy at the same time. To help you create the perfect setting for socialising or relaxing after a hard days work, we’ve listed some top tips on how to achieve a stylish sofa setting!

Get Bold with Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is best achieved through the clever use of cushions and throws. A simple but effective method that if done correctly, gives off a high quality and smart look. If you’ve picked out a plainer fabric to accompany your wicker frame, then look for striking, contrasting colours that create a vivid and defining overall aesthetic. The most successful way of getting that strong and classy look is to take advantage of symmetry – look at supporting artwork and cushions that are in proportion to your sofa and that work with its design.


Create a calm and relaxed setting by investing in neutral colours. By using differently shaped neutrals pieces and tones and placing them in a structured way, it creates an aura of tranquillity. As you can see from the Burford (below), you can take the sofa fabric and use it on your cushion to tie the neutral theme in. The more neutral patterns often work better with square cushions. Burford Cameo 2

Create Colour Themes

When you have furniture that doesn’t match, it’s a good idea to keep the cushions and accessories more uniform. You need to create a link in the room so if there are too many contrasting elements, the room won’t look or feel right. Tie in a colour that you’d like to run throughout the room. Pick out the colour you want and proceed to ensure all of your accessories include or feature that colour so the flow of the room isn’t interrupted, despite the mix mash of furniture.

Get inventive with Colours and Patterns

Pick out cushions fabrics that have the same colours but display different patterns as it will allow you to elegantly mix designs without them clashing. Match your accessories to the main fabric colour for the cohesive scheme and look to cover your armchair or pouffe in a plain fabric of your chosen colour so it integrates better. On the flipside of this, you could go the other way… keep the same pattern but blend different colours. If you’re confused about this, then a clever way to do it is by picking a fabric that comes in a combination of colours in terms of its style and design. The same fabric can be then be used on the walls, throws or rugs so the room makes a bold, stylish statement.